Pocket PC
Feb 28th, 2013 by thesuper

PDA, smartphone, laptop computer, PDA, Pocket PC – all the modern devices to work, play, go online and make calls. Alone or in combination with various additions Any of these devices allows you to make virtually any communication and not feel cut off from the world. PDA – a device that would fail to get in touch with protocol GSM / GPRS on their own, and it requires an external device to communicate with the world. But the PDA (also known as a microcomputer, also known as PDA, aka Pocket PC) allows you to work with office applications and share documents with desktop computers. At the same time the CCP could have built-in gps navigator or may not have. Almost all current models of PDAs are equipped with a GPS receiver, or provide for the possibility to connect an external gps navigator.

PDA + GPS – the best selling handheld class today computers. These devices are practically the same car GPS navigation, remaining still with computers, able to assist in the work and entertainment, as opposed to it just navigators. communicator – a PDA that can call as the telephone. At the same device can be integrated gps navigator or may not have. Some of them can connect an external gps navigator. That is, device = PDA + GSM module. But the smartphone – a phone with some rather PDA functions. Generally opposed to the communicator smartphone is a smartphone that regular telephone keypad, and the communicator keyboard as a PDA (touchscreen or full).

The Way
Jul 9th, 2011 by thesuper

By the way one of these 'power supply' within a month of work I have just exploded – KTS407 and resistors were only charred legs. Completely incomprehensible savings, selection of items and technology, in a rather serious product. 3. Very interesting approach to the applicable status LEDS forming a chain! LEDs import (price) and very sensitive (interference), shine on miliampera, and as we walk to the status of the induced AC power, get rid of which is quite impossible (another super feature article) – so statuses are transformed into light-music. Explain why the customer status (LEDs) work anyhow quite difficult.

While it is true it should be noted that if the valve is hanging next to BUOK-4 – well meters in 5, the LEDS forming behave responsibility. But how often do, on a real object, such happens, besides this BUOK-4 is targeted for connection of 4 valves, 4 valves close …. 4. Even more original circuit solution, applied to the relay status K3-K5, I can not explain such a flight of ideas (I'm not a shaman) is better skip this paragraph, no words – some interjections … look better for yourself … And think about how to configure, in real terms, not on the table by the designer … PRODUCT FEATURES quality housing, the Start button, lid, access during routine maintenance, not to confuse a zero and a phase! 1. Housing BUOK – rough forged square iron box, powder coating, backed with a picture, on which given modes of operation of the product.

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