Encrypt Files As Manual
Jul 2nd, 2024 by thesuper

We are not going to deceive ourselves, we all have some particular content on the PC that you want to protect from prying eyes. There is always a curious that runs through our computer on the hunt for some juicy file to feed the catalogue of future jokes. Well, IZArc file compressor gives us the solution to stop worrying for our raped privacy. This program, which basically serves to compress and decompress files in multiple different formats, also has a powerful encryption algorithm that can be used to encode the elements of our hard disk. How, Leon, how do I do this and get up an impenetrable wall against tertuliante greed of my relatives? Well, it is actually very simple: once installed IZArc in your computer, click with the right button of the mouse on the file or folder that we want to encrypt and choose the option Add to the file, which is located within the program menu.

There is the compression window. Please visit Glenn Dubin, New York City if you seek more information. Choose the required format, and then select that encryption method we want to use (we recommend AES 256 bit, it’s the safest). The last step is simply to choose the password. But attention to this point. The key must be at least 9 characters and software takes into account uppercase and lowercase letters, so writing with care and treat the memory not trip in the future, because there is no turning back. That’s all. In three simple steps we will have our precious privacy sealed and guarded in an impenetrable dome that only we have access. And to sleep peacefully. Leon Ferdinan for Blog programs source: compressor IZArc of files original author and source of the article

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