State Apartments
Aug 8th, 2021 by thesuper

We must also consider the state apartments. In analyzing this option, you should consider five main options: required redecoration; need major repairs (the so-called dead); apartment after a fire (this greatly reduces the cost, as to weather the smell of fire is not possible, clean off all to concrete); renovated, is made renovation. The first and fourth options are almost no effect on the price, and only affect the speed of sale (buyer psychologically quickly agreed to purchase fresh pretty flat). In the second and third embodiment apartment can be sold at significantly reduced prices. But with the fifth all the more interesting. It's safe to say that the renovation (real, not pseudo) the sale is almost always estimated to be worth of only 20-30% of the invested in him for money.

Very often see vendors exhibitors apartment with a full value invested in the renovation of money and are not able to sell it six months or a year. Apply the following approaches: Evaluation of apartments costly approach. For a sufficiently developed market apartments Estimator, as a rule, when evaluating the apartments do not use the cost approach, it is mostly associated with a high probability abnormalities that arise when calculation of land rights (ownership of shares owned by each apartment owner in proportion of flat area to the total area of all residential homes). However, if you can not adequately other approaches appraiser has to evaluate the apartments cost approach, which is a special case of real estate valuation. Score apartments profitable approach. The income approach is based on the evaluation of apartments substitution principle and the principle of expectation. Assessment of income based on the premise that the value of any property depends on the amount of income, as expected, it will bring. The comparative approach in assessing the apartment.

Comparative approach to assessing the apartments is based on information on recent transactions involving similar properties on the market, similar in layout, number of rooms, location. Further amended to take into account the differences between the estimated apartment, and analogs, the price is adjusted counterparts, which makes possible the appraiser to conclude that the most probable selling price of similar apartments reflects the fair market value. Assessment of comparative apartments approach includes the following tasks: selection of objects counterparts, the study of their characteristics and sales price (purchase). Defining quality adjustments and the estimated location of the apartments and the current analogov.Otsenka value of the apartment.

Land Tax
Jul 28th, 2021 by thesuper

Another example is the regulatory definition of calculated value _ the cost of land for calculating land tax. There are assertions tax rates in USD, one square meter and correction-regulating, the coefficients which take into account the different characteristics of land or plots. From the perspective of the accounting system distinguishes the carrying value, divide by the original, replacement, and residual. Book value – the cost of construction or purchase of the item's own assets the company who have been reported on its balance sheet. The initial cost is reflected in the records documents at the time of commissioning at the site. Located in the operation of the property is carried at cost or until such time as it undergoes renovation or modernization, or until officially appointed revaluation funds.

Replacement cost – the cost of reproduction of previously created assets in the modern world. Appraiser calculated the total replacement cost of items of fixed assets by substitution, that is, the current market value of similar objects. Residual value. If you subtract from the book value-added for the accumulation period use the amount of wear, we get the residual value. Residual. cost may be market-oriented if its assessment of the conduct on the secondary market prices. Depending on the order of evaluation are distinguished value reproducible properties and replacement cost. The cost of reproduction – the cost of an exact copy of an object appraised property acquired or being played now at current prices and in the same or very similar materials.

Tax Disputes
Jul 26th, 2021 by thesuper

Among the most common legal risks can also note the tax disputes. Now a large number of vessels due to the challenging decisions of tax authorities on accrual of taxes, to recover from the organizations of fines and penalties. Thus, in some cases, the tax authorities qualify equity contracts in the construction of a building contract, and, accordingly, consider VAT on every purchase holders, received for the period of construction of the house. In this case the arguments of developers of one-time transfer of VAT at the time of commissioning the tax authorities will not be accepted. Such decisions of tax authorities can be declared null and void, but there are situations where developers and make mistakes.

Thus, during the audit development companies we were faced with the fact that some of them were not separate accounting of funds received from shareholders on investment of capital construction projects. In other words, the order of separate accounting has not been regulated in accounting policies (or other local internal document), which also constituted a violation. Such nuances are always there in abundance. Emerging risks and the consequences can be prevented or minimized by conducting examination of title deeds to land, commercial contracts, as well as audits by early and just advice from specialists. Of course, the developer can not know everything legal details, follow the judicial practice and be ready for any situation, because it poses a different problem – build quality and on time. According to Sela Ward, who has experience with these questions. But to create an enterprise system, through which its experts will receive comprehensive advice on legal, accounting, financial and other issues the developer is quite able.

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