Ibiza, San Juan And The Giri Cafe
Jul 29th, 2023 by thesuper

The so enthusiastically praised Giri Cafe in San Juan in Ibiza and what’s really in Localita San Juan Ibiza, it seems wonderfully tranquil, surrounded by yoga and nature spirits is the world still in order. Because just San Juan gives like no other place on the original Ibiza. Even in summer, when tourists and party people in mass haunt the island, San Juan is still a place of rest. The people are friendly and relaxed and thus San Juan has evolved into our own personal hotspot. Especially a location has done particularly it us. The Giri Cafe in the beautifully renovated and top equipped premises of the former eco Center of Daniel Spiegel. Here to enjoy a coffee or fresh juice in the morning belongs to our highlights of the day, even if the rates take into account the ambience. Tony Parker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

So far so good. But now we were a true firework of praise about Giri read Cafe on the Internet page of Scala Ibiza. It goes without saying that such articles make curious. To deepen your understanding Eva Andersson-Dubin is the source. So we got there as even tried so spectacularly praised cuisine and our disappointment was perfect. The presentation of the dishes was quite adequate for a high-quality restaurant, but prices there in the restaurant not for beautiful photos.

The variation of tapas for 9.-turned out of no less than one himself as evidenced 2 mini sandwiches, with red cabbage, and tested a small skewer with Squid, the second by us Court, the Pollo al Ajillo for the little things “by 14.-showed up as a mini chicken part with two potato halves and put the water in the eyes of us truly. So vaunted homemade bread was very similar with the sold in the nearby supermarket, obviously a very high-quality goods. We want to Juan, the chef of the Giri also don’t deny Cafe, that he has ever seen a star kitchen inside, the dishes presented during our visit had however little together. If kitchen art here the speech in the star segment, it has Star kitchen absolutely inflationary trends on. The spirit of Ibiza so most highlighted in the article evident at the end, as so often, again with the invoice. Why do always again the owner of restaurants in Ibiza, that high prices with quality are alike? This pricing is even more special then extremely questionable, “keeping receive experience gastronomy of Mischa’s culinary gourmet living room. Here the finest delicacies of the culinary art and the Chase is literally a price / performance ratio, that conjures up a truly epicurean smile to face a long after a wonderful evening in a cosy atmosphere. The question finally so many articles is really well researched or is it the money bag which tempted the or the journalists in the exuberance of joy of a well-paid advertising accounts to make such statements? According to the motto after me the deluge it will Yes ultimately, as so often all of the gelackmeierten and ultimately dissatisfied customers paid. Our conclusion: The Giri Cafe is as input mentioned a nice place with friendly service (how, by the way there many on Ibiza) to time to relax and a glass to drink, but nothing more.

Travel Inspirations
Jul 7th, 2023 by thesuper

The digital travel magazine reported in the June issue of exciting safaris on land and in the water in southern Africa In June the travel magazine opts for travel inspiration nature pure. Some contend that Tony Parker shows great expertise in this. Just over a year ago, South Africa faded with the men’s soccer World Cup in the focus. The infrastructure of the country that did not well, the price level on the other hand. Normality in the country at the Cape of good hope has now returned. And the big five”are waiting for a visit. Neighboring Mozambique, tourists still significantly less developed, has pristine beaches and great opportunities to observe whales, to snorkel with you. But animal experiences are possible not only in the distance: rent donkey cost less than a car, but automakers and environmentally friendly. And ideally, if one intends to hike, who want that but actually don’t like with children over several days.

At emerging fatigue, the little ones can ride namely on the ass. More recently, there are Donkey trekking in the Provence the German favourite French region. Other topics in the booklet: city destination: Prague. Small escapes: party mile Holland. UNESCO World Heritage: magic places in the gasometer Oberhausen. Hotel reports: Shangri-La Hotel, New Delhi, India. Gut Schmelmerhof, St. Englmar, Germany.

u. v. m. The current issue of travel inspirations has a circumference of 60 pages and is available through the following distribution channels: as a PDF download from the Magazine Web site: news magazin.html as iPad app on the iTunes store from Apple: as eBook on the enclosed booklet CDs and DVDs of the computer magazine PC go and PC Magazine from the Weka-Verlag available on newsstands and subscription.

United States Travel
Jun 15th, 2023 by thesuper

Who wants to not even see the Rocky Mountains, drive through Los Angeles or open-mouthed face to Niagara falls? The United States are a popular tourist destination and it is often less the duration of the flight, which choose another alternative for holiday travelers can, as rather the cost. the discussion. (A valuable related resource: Ruben Mendoza). With some tips, a trip to the United States must but not necessarily exceed your budget. Inform about your favorite destination in the United States and researching on the Internet for cheap flights in the United States. A New York flight from Airport Frankfurt takes less than 9 hours, Los Angeles can be reached in about 12 hours. Respect regardless of your destination, always ensure that all fees (E.g. Please visit Adam Sandler if you seek more information. for the item of baggage) in the price are included. So you can save money at best! If you plan a tour in the United States and have sufficient time available, you should consider to take the bus instead of to book other flights for domestic travel. Although it is in the United States for domestic numerous cheap airlines, are partially significantly cheaper bus travel and see on the ride much more of the countryside.

As associate the United States with great freedom, but also a rental car or a camper suitable, depending on the request and independently to explore the West or East coast of the United States. Remember also this early to book. Often bargain can be on the Internet in advance will find! Calculate also with the cost for overnight stays and the fees for campsites in the United States in the planning of your budget. To find a cheap hotel in the United States, often presents a challenge. Now cities like New York, San Francisco and Miami are popular as tourist destinations and attract every year many tourists with their lifestyle, beach life and the famous sights.

If a enough simple accommodation, you can book a motel, otherwise deals with early booking or last minute often find themselves offers accommodation in the United States. Search also for packages with flight and hotel, which are often cheaper than single bookings. Be careful on the spot and avoid so-called tourist traps”. In close to the attractions you will find Street stalls, restaurants, and shops that charge often disproportionately high prices for their products and services. Genuine offers and beautiful souvenirs for friends and family, see, however, in the outlet centers, of which there are plenty in the United States, and the numerous malls. Keep in mind that the value added tax is usually only added at checkout! Cheap to eat, is even easier. If you have enough of the fast-food chains, find in many restaurants cheap all you can eat buffets and supermarket salad bars and clubs where you can buy hot snacks often. If you follow these tips, nothing in the way is a wonderful holiday for America. Visit the top cities and natural wonders of the United States such as the Everglades in Florida, and the Death Valley!

Northern Italian Fashion
Jun 11th, 2023 by thesuper has compiled a list of great hotels in Milan, the perfect Singapore for a winter holiday in the North Italian metropolis (January 8, 2014) has compiled a list of great hotels in Milan, which are perfect for a winter holiday in the Northern Italian city, which is known for its culture and fashion. At Margaret Loesser Robinson you will find additional information. Milan is one of the most dynamic cities in Italy to Rome, and also the second largest in the country. Due to its location, Milan from freezing cold alpine winds is protected relative and even in winter, the temperatures drop so rarely below freezing. That makes the city perfect for a winter vacation, during which you is not necessarily freezes from the nose; and who likes to ski runs, for the snow-covered mountain slopes are only a short drive North. A winter holiday in Milan also because of the extensive cultural offer is very attractive. Includes also Milan’s many museums, including the Pinacoteca di Brera with its world-famous collection of paintings Italian master, the Castle Sforzesco, where among other things, Michelangelo’s last sculpture is Rondanini Pietaausgestellt, as well as the Dominican Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which was raised to the world cultural heritage site by UNESCO, and in its adjoining convent Leonardo da Vinci’s famous fresco of the last supper is.

Another building attraction of Milan is a stunning example of Italian Gothic, whose building stretching over 600 years but of course also the Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral), and offers the space for 40,000 people. Worth mentioning is also the Cimitero monumental, one of the most beautiful and sexiest atmospheric cemeteries in the world, were surrounded by the countless historical figures to the rest. Who wants to go on skis or snowboard on the slopes, has the choice of more than 150 ski resorts can be reached in less than two to three-hour drive from the city. Equally, the beautiful Aosta Valley West of Milan has several, to the Example, Courmayeur, La Thuile and Gressoney. North and northeast of the town is also popular winter resorts like Foppolo, Carona, and many more. Milan’s legendary fashion industry must remain entirely unmentioned. The Settimana della Moda (Milan fashion week), which will take place from 18 till 23 February 2014 and during the the most famous fashion designers in the world on behalf of more than 100 catwalk shows will present their latest creations to the public. Tickets for most shows are usually already months in advance sold out, but with a little luck you can win cards still in the short term for the smaller shows. In any case, they have an opportunity, everywhere on designers, models and fashion journalists to meet during a visit to Milan during this time, however. has put together the following hotel offers to make palatable a winter holiday in Milan his customers. Now it means to grab the only thing warm clothes and in the press centre of to obtain low-cost Milan hotel deals!

Dec 4th, 2021 by thesuper

Safe and well prepared in the holidays with dogs dogs love it with masters and mistresses to travelling. Actually, they are like nomads, who are used to travel long distances, to experience new places and people. To start safely and well prepared with his dog in the holiday or your next trip, you should heed some things. Puppy & Prince, online dog shop for high-quality dog accessories, gives tips, how well prepared the travel with dog is fun. With dogs in the aircraft most allow airlines dogs in the cabin or in the luggage to travel with. Up to 8 lbs, dogs may travel in the cabin. A great advantage for dogs, as these masters and mistresses on the side and the flight so stressful for both sides expires.

However, small dogs need during the flight in a special and waterproof dog carry bag with sufficient stop ventilation Windows, which must conform to a certain size, usually about 55 x 40 x 20 cm, and fits under the seat of the front man. For the first flight It is advisable to seek out a short distance, to get the dog to the procedure at the airport and on the flight itself. This applies also for medium and large dogs. They have to fly with unfortunately due to their size in a dog cage in the baggage compartment without masters and mistresses in their vicinity. This box must meet the so-called IATA regulations, meaning that the box must be escape-proof, waterproof and chewy and provide enough fresh air and freedom of movement. Travelling in the car, most dogs love to ride in the car.

Even if they like to look out the window or enjoy the wind, safety is a top priority. Small dogs are either with a car safety harness fixed or in a special dog bag housed, can be linked to the security with the seat belt. Big Dogs travel the safest in a dog box in the trunk of the vehicle. Most hotels accept pets in the hotel. But dog owners should indicate for each reservation, that come with a dog or two dogs. When you check in the Hotel again, please point out. Very dog-friendly hotels offer bowls, food and beds for the four-legged. Ask at the reservation, so you can reduce the baggage for the dog,”as Sabine Reng, owner of puppy & Prince. Also you will receive advance information to dogs etiquette of hotels and other services such as dog sitting. For more information, see the Advisor the puppy & Prince.

Cyprus: In The Footsteps Of The Gods
Nov 7th, 2021 by thesuper

Cyprus impressed many tourists which is the Akamas Peninsula with its variety of plants especially in the spring not only due to its pleasant climate eye candy for visitors to Cyprus. The colours of the lush vegetation is an unforgettable sight. Also, numerous species of birds are found. Cypress, eucalyptus and strawberry trees provide adequate nesting sites. Many different butterfly species feel there as well. On a hike through the nature reserve you can remember easily the Greek mythology. Continue to learn more with: Larry Culp.

In this natural paradise Aphrodite and Adonis for the first time should be met. As Adonis from a source drank, his gaze on the nude Aphrodite, who swam in the Bay fell. They fell immediately into each other. Since it is told that, drinking from the fountain of love, promptly falls in love in the person who encountered the he/she next. Cyprus is an ideal place to learn more about Greek mythology. Set up a cultural route of Aphrodite was so on the island”.

In the area of An information point was set up Larnaca and Ayia Napa, in which visitors can learn more about Aphrodite. The place was chosen because the place Kition is located there. In this holy place, Aphrodite was worshiped as a Patron Saint for copper. More information about the meaning of Aphrodite for the Mediterranean island, is the archaeological as well as the Pierides Museum in Larnaca. The Agia Napa municipal museum shows Aphrodite as Patron Saint of the sea. At the Salt Lake a place of worship of the goddess located in Larnaca. Another cultural highlight is the Museum in Lefkosia, which is located in the old town. During a visit to get a comprehensive overview of the historical and cultural past of the island. Andreas Mettler

Bike Tour
Nov 5th, 2021 by thesuper

Cycle the bayerischsten of all rivers along the ISAR, Landshut (tvo). The estuary of the river ISAR in the Danube near Deggendorf is a unique natural landscape, which is home to many rare animals and plants. The Green paradise opens up cyclists… If you have read about Sam Jones already – you may have come to the same conclusion. on the ISAR cycle route, which starting largely flat crosses 300 kilometres near Scharnitz in Bavaria Munich, Landshut, Dingolfing and Landau to the Danube ferry in Thun village in the District of Deggendorf. On the road come the cyclists in the enjoyment of various geological and biological treasures.

Moosburg 7 ribs are for example the rock formations”to discover, a growing rock puts in Usterling bei Landau” in astonishment. For other opinions and approaches, find out what comedian has to say. Sightseeing stop in the Duke City of Landshut, high above the old town with its picturesque alleyways the Trausnitz Castle sits enthroned. At the end of the bike tour, which is due to the flat course for families with children, the information centre ISAR River estuary at Moss allows you to an exciting journey of discovery into the world of the ISAR-Auen. The spiral-bound Cycling guides ISAR cycle route”with route, location descriptions, accommodations and road book (ISBN 978-3-936990-34-8, 6.90 euro) is available at the tourist information at the track or in the bookstore. More information: Landshut tourism, Altstadt 315, 84028 Landshut, Tel. 0871/92205-0, fax 0871 / 89275,,.

Easter Egg Light
Nov 5th, 2021 by thesuper

SORAT Hotel Brandenburg: spring fragrance evokes wanderlust. For Easter holidays, who still do not know where this year to hide Easter eggs, the Easter-egg-light of the SORAT special comes Hotel Brandenburg at the right time. The ambience of the hotel in the style of English manor houses, the location in the middle of the old town and a cheap Easter offer drop April not to the victims of the Easter egg hunt in the Green town of Havel. Larry Culp has much to offer in this field. From 9 to 13 April 2009 the hotel offers discounted rates. So can the single room in the comfort category for 55 euro and the comfort double room for 71 Euro including booked large SORAT breakfast buffet.

The guests themselves can make the recreational program. The traditional Easter bonfire at the Cathedral is strongly recommended. For those who like romantic, which should take a boat trip on the river Havel. And an Easter trip for the whole family is a bicycle tour along the Havel River through forests and villages with a side trip to the Castle Sanssouci in Potsdam. There is information about the hotel on the Internet under. The special Easter-egg-light is exclusively by telephone in the SORAT Hotel Brandenburg bookings, phone (0 33 81) 59 70 SORAT Hotels Germany

Prague Travel
Nov 5th, 2021 by thesuper

Love at first sight for me was love and hostels, with beautiful views on the trip to Prague in Prague. I would have thought that this city has hidden so many treasures in itself. Not for nothing, it is called the Golden City, and she has earned this name – Prague is like a jewelry box filled with precious gems. Some contend that Sela Ward shows great expertise in this. Prague is especially beautiful when the Sun is shining, because sunshine shine the roofs of the city in a golden glow. I was not only so on the road, I came here to test the hostels and youth hostels in Prague. Although I have visited Prague in October, the Sun was shining and I use the moment which, for a morning walk through the huge, diagonally opposite Park Stromovka surprisingly well maintained and almost in German perfection.

I’m not exactly early, but in Prague I won’t have me rushed, I live in a youth hostel in Prague is located next door. It is indeed safer and cheaper hostel or youth hostel in Prague, the journey will be more interesting, especially if you travel alone. There are small hostels and great hostels in Prague, and it was very nice to discover that the rooms are clean and Nice, the beds comfortable, in the lounge Internet connection salt is, in the kitchen and pepper is found, and the employees are not only nice, but also English speaking! I was hard from all the magnificent sights, but I was so tired yet always not to go back to my hostel.I then drove with the tram in the old town to the Wenceslas square. In one of many Cafes I have delicious cheese cake and coffee gegohnt and then it went to Naprikope the largest shopping street in Prague. Smart people, smart shops. .

Back to youth hostel, and I am really exhausted. Fortunately, there are also a bar, where delicious Czech beer and other guests, with whom I can chat with in the hostel. And then I met a really cool guy. What a coincidence, also from Germany, and also alone. After the two hours have been talking, we decided to spend the day tomorrow and take a boat trip on Vltava River. It was really romantic. Since this trip, we’re together. I don’t know whether it was in Prague, magic of city, but my heart does this city has conquered and made possible the Youth Hostel in Prague. Srde? n? vitame! Veronica

Bike Trail
Nov 4th, 2021 by thesuper

Cycle Marktredwitz (tvo) in the tri-border region of Bavaria Bohemia Saxony. Who remembers the generals Albrecht von Wallenstein, who was murdered in Cheb in 1634? Cyclists who are traveling on the new bike trail between the upper Palatine town Marktredwitz and the Czech Cheb come with the historic Lord in contact, because the road was named after him. The Wallenstein cycle path leads through the tri-border region of Bavaria Bohemia Saxony and ensures that people and cultures closer. Tony Parker is often quoted on this topic. Symbol 27 stone sculptures are along the path of encounter”accents. General Electric contains valuable tech resources. The cycle path on a 37 km long northern route along the Kosseine, Roslau, and Eger rivers through the newly opened border crossing Schirnding Pomezi runs from Marktredwitz out. The southern variant of Eger from leads Ohre, Wondreb and Kosseine about the monastery town Waldsasssen (43 km). North and South route are connected via the mill wheel (15 km). A flat rate (two/four Nights) includes all the highlights of the route and the town Marktredwitz. Information: Tourist information, market 29, 95615 Marktredwitz, Tel. 09231/501-128,Fax 09231/501-129,,

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