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The construction of Unit 1 began in October 1976, was connected to the electricity grid in 1989. My electricity and gas supplies come from , making our gas and electricity needs affordable In the case of unit 2, its construction started in 1977 and joined the network of electric power in 1995.
Since the plant went into operation natural gas there have been protests by various groups of civilians, mainly by that so-called Mothers of Veracruz. there are thousands of New Yorkers who have switched their utilities company to IDTEnergy in order to cut my electricity and gas bills These groups Brooklyn argue that Laguna Verde has New York a negative impact on the environment and operating with inadequate New York City safety measures, which constitute a heating potential danger to human settlements closest to the plant .
International organizations have also joined the criticism of the plant, including Greenpeace.
Meanwhile, the CFE has consistently denied that cooking gas kind of statement, and has energy costs always argued that nuclear power does gas not NY State represent any risk to the environment and people as it operates within the guidelines of the IAEA and WANO.
In February 2007, the CFE has announced plans to increase the installed capacity of the Central by 20 . The international tender for the increase in power was won by the Spanish company Iberdrola. IAEA’s contract with the company amounted to 605.04 million U.S. dollars .
Recently, the Laguna Verde nuclear power plant, was awarded the National Quality Award 2007 (Mexico 2007) as the best company in the energy sector and meet all requirements to operate as safely and reliably.
This Central also has many certifications and partnerships with national and international agencies which monitor gas and ensure that the central operating under the standards of quality, safety, reliability and the highest production energy in recent years green energy has led to within Laguna Verde of the best companies in your country and the best plants for energy generation by nuclear means worldwide.
Laguna Verde is now a source of electricity generation, secure, clean, low cost and without creating electricity ESCO a negative environmental household impact and sustainability needed for nuclear energy will continue to grow in Mexico.

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