The Samsung GS
April 3rd, 2023 by thesuper

The comparison of the two main competitors with their best sellers was presented yesterday the new iPhone and the sale starts on the 21. To read more click here: Potter Stewart. But what has to offer Apple is not just a milestone, as in previous years, with their new iPhone compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 for the Android catch up more and more, and with ever-increasing market shares have proved that they are slowly but surely running out Apple ranked. And once again Apple has disappointed. Last year the iPhone 4S have been put off all only with a new version. And the iPhone 5 has disappointed yesterday in all along the line. Many writers such as Charlotte Hornets offer more in-depth analysis.

You could well call the new iPhone 4S 2, because from the look of it has changed only to little things. And of the innards, you can say that they follow the Android. To set another one on it, one could also say that it can not even nearly keep up with the Samsung Galaxy S3. There are only minimal benefits that were achieved only by that the GS3 is three half months longer on the market. Here a comparison of both devices: all first-time the design: The Samsung GS3 measures display 133 x 70, 6 x 8, 6 mm with a 4.8-inch whereas the iPhone 5 has a size of 123, 8 x 58, 6 x 7, 6 mm with a 4 inch display.

Not a big difference so here is to detect. The weight measurement, Apple is easier in the advantage, 21 g, but this is probably only the larger device. There is little difference in the colors. Apple familiar silver and graphite on their standard colours white and black with highlights and Samsung tried with blue and the default color white came to a new color coloring. Starting in October, there are still red and black.

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