Traditions Velitas Night
December 10th, 2009 by thesuper

Traditions Velitas Night of Barranquilla. House lights the night of 8 December. Day or Night of Velitas held throughout Colombia, but its characteristics vary in each region. In Barranquilla, where this event has special significance, on 7 December marks the start of the holiday season. In this city, the atmosphere decembrinas is framed by the trade winds, which generate a characteristic atmosphere. On the morning of 8, in the midst of a popular festive atmosphere, the people placed candles lit by multicolored lights inside on the fronts of the houses and on the platforms to celebrate the Immaculate Conception. Traditionally, lanterns are handcrafted wooden slats that form a truncated pyramid, whose faces were wrapped in green cellophane, yellow, blue and red.In the municipality of Quimbaya, in the department of Quindio, Velitas Day is celebrated by closing streets to traffic, and are lit with candles, lights and paper lanterns in the shape of animals, saints and nativity scene figures, which fill the entire city of light which attracts many tourists during this season. Other events include parades and fireworks. In Bogota, plus all the Christmas decorations and holding the candles, the city plans evening events for the whole family, many are open Ciclov as, museums, shops and malls have extended hours and events with fireworks display everywhere. In Medellin, the celebration is the 7th of December, where candles and lanterns light up the houses and streets.At the same time inaugurated the Christmas lights throughout the city, but mainly on River Avenue and Avenida La Playa, the latter is a procession called “parade of myths and legends” in which large figures representing the different Colombian myths and legends, they hit the scene, so that Mohan, La Llorona, the noncustodial head to the rhythm of the music come alive for some hours, in addition to the fireworks provided by the municipality as a gift to the city . All these cultural activities mark the beginning of Christmas in Medellin. In Velitas Day to decorate the balconies, patio, sidewalks, streets, parks and Cali with candles and paper lanterns in honor of the Virgin Mary. The celebration is also accompanied with fireworks in many cities.

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