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A person or company needs a specific good, but not in a position to allocate resources for its acquisition. Then he realizes with a leasing company or other financial institution that offers it, for it, according to technical specifications and requirements given by the person concerned, buy the goods required. He gives it to the person using it during a defined period, on payment of a certain amount of money, expressed in periodic installments that must always be equal or ascending. The operation is formalized through a leasing contract with purchase option. Once it meets the agreed period the customer or lessee may acquire the property, provided he pays an additional fee that is generally equal to the previously expired and that improves with the sale of the property. It should be remembered that the agreement between both parties is irrevocable: the good can not be returned to the leasing company before the agreed deadline.The contractual duration of eligibility for tax benefits must have a duration of at least two years in case of personal property, and at least 10 years for real estate. With this system you can get almost any equipment or machinery. Even if it is marketed abroad. It is a figure used mainly by businesses. The leasing contract usually lasts as long as the economic life of the asset item in question, which at the end of the rental period can be bought. Usually the lease is used for things that depreciate or become obsolete in the not too long, as cars or computers. The amount of lease fees includes amortization of the property, the interests of productive capital (financial costs), administrative costs and sometimes a risk premium if the lessee fails. This fee will be added indirect taxes applicable to such operations (VAT or IGIC). A similar pattern is also widely used by companies called renting.The renting is an operating lease is generally not part of the contract provides an option to purchase the customer, and therefore not covered by the balance of tenant companies.

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