It’s Official: Microsoft is Afraid of Apple
Aug 26th, 2008 by thesuper

Microsoft is running scared of the resurgent Apple, and now warns shareholders that the company could be a threat to their business. Evidence of this new fear is contained within the document economic 10-K, made public recently. This time, Microsoft has introduced a new risk factor that had never been there before? and while the company does not name the company that threat, you can draw your own conclusions.

Developer for IPhone: “Do App Store? These Are the Benefits”
Aug 20th, 2008 by thesuper

The creator of the popular application for iPhone, Where To, has exposed some of the realities on the development for the App Store. John Casasanta, tap tap tap, said that while he expected the company to have complete records of sales of the updated App Store, Apple has shared information only until July 28. According to available information, Where To sold about 3,193 downloads with a price of 2.99 dollars, reaching the $ 9,547 net sales.

Apple keeps 20 percent, so that the benefits of TTT for a week are about 6,928 U.S. dollars if multiplied by 52 weeks of the year, would generate little more than 360,000 dollars a year. Although it is selling at a lower price, is said to Where To sell more than the desktop software from the company.

McDonald? S Will Create 4,000 Jobs in UK
Aug 11th, 2008 by thesuper

The notable increase was in demand for cheap food encouraged the famous restaurant chain to add 4000 jobs, to 67,000 existing on the island.

The British have been forced to reduce the cats due to the increase of food costly, escalating fuel prices and rising mortgages. According to Steve Easternbrook, executive director of McDonald? S:? Families still want to eat outside, but clearly have less money in their pockets?. That is why choose to eat at restaurants more economical.

Aug 5th, 2008 by thesuper

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