Portuguese Language
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It laughs not, that he is serious! One heads of intellectual has preconception – how I will say? to vocabular? – for words of our language. Although to consist in dictionaries, romances, editorials, poems, even in papal briefs of remedy, books technician and monographs words as I put, catarro, puta and sovaco, among others are prevented or substantivadas for journalists, advertising executives and orators. Number zero of these cursed words is CU. Pure vernaculofobia. Monossilbica, taxed this palavrinha of palavro, that has, for its easy gutural pronunciation, extraordinary dom of being said by some dumbs is even kept out of society and excluded of the text and of it says of communicators and other types that if judge doctors, judges and commanders of ‘ ‘ brasilis way falandi’ ‘. But, in the recondite one of its brasilidade, for a xingamento or one xiste, they always have CU in the tip of the language. Powerful generating of neologisms and idiomatic expressions, CU has been prevented, acquitted, prohibit, not writing.

But the Portuguese Language is alive. New words appear to each colloquy, each letter, each speech, acronym, logotipo. In these gnesis evolutivo, CU was not shrunk. 152-c1-276268′>Intel. Visit Ted Lasso for more clarity on the issue. Participativa that is, popular that it is does not leave the mouth of the people. No matter how hard if it tries to occult, CU is there. If to read with acuro, will see that there it has CU in the way.

It found that the group more without good mood, that does not laugh at joke no age of the religious ones. But not. Technologist of government earns of washed. Nor bad he is not humorado, is without mood some. Word CU is recurrent in vituprios anecdotes and. If it will have CU, invariably the anecdote she is funny. If to vociferate CU, the offence is well bigger. These faces without notion – as advertising executive I criticize, as humorista I approve. – they had created Only Cadastro? CU. Ah, it speaks serious! It is much distanciamento of people, n not? As they were lived in the country where they had made interchange, mestrado, MBA, of the high one of its empfia, this magote of CDF (Cu of iron) finds that word CU does not mean nothing, that we go to leave to make joke, that goes to arrest the laugh.

German Video
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Over 400 videos provide information on the new pages about the beliefs and practice of the Scientology religion, as well as new churches and all social programs the Scientology Church International revised and the Scientology video channel website recently. The Scientology video channel contains well over 400 videos and is fully compatible for mobile phones and iPads. In 2008, the Scientology Church International started the documentary series on the Scientology video channel “Meet a Scientologist”. These videos have been viewed over 6.5 million copies on the and YouTube. Added by and interviews with different Scientologists to the video channel.

They speak in individual videos about their religion and how they benefit from it. Also the creed, what Scientologists believe and their views can be seen on the video channel. Also in Germany a new website was built, which contains up-to-the-minute data and background information: You newly revised (in English) and (in German language) websites are published now also facts and statistics, the Scientology-sponsored charitable social programs. Interested can check the also church a variety of social activities of Scientology, such as on drug prevention, human rights, solutions for a better education, activities of the Scientology Volunteer chaplains, Dianetics, and much more. Another area informed worldwide about the newly opened Scientology churches were opened in the last 7 years. Nine churches were opened in the last year. Reports about opening events and video tours of the new churches are also included, as well as information about upcoming openings.

The most popular video on the Scientology video channel is the biography of L. Ron Hubbard. You provides an overview of the life of the founder of the Scientology religion. In addition, the website was completely revised. Here are videos (only in English) about his whole life and work as a researcher, adventurer, author, musician, composer, photographer and art philosopher to be regarded. In addition to get snippets about the many thousand Awards, which was awarded for his works of L. Ron Hubbard. On the sides, religion will be answered over 150 of the most asked questions about Scientology. Site visitor information also about Scientology churches in your area. With the newly redesigned, user-friendly website, it is also very easy to learn religion and their philosophy and practice about Scientology. Information on the many humanitarian programmes for combating drug abuse and illiteracy, as well as to effective aid in disasters and to the promotion of human rights represent the actual image of Scientology. More information: press service of SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, Tel. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109,

Get Car Loans During Recession
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Is your credit score to troubling you get car loan during recession? If you have been refused a mortgage lately, these companies will often get you lend anyway. Others who may share this opinion include Ken Kao. New companies are contented to finance your new car without ever having to look at your tribute rating. Even if you have a bad story glory, the application procedure for these loans does not take any bad amounted history into account, so even if you had stated bankruptcy in the elapsed, it won’t subject when applying for a lend with these companies. There are released new military that wants to help you find a circle to give you a finance so you can get that new car. If you have been wanting to get a new car for sometime but just don’t have the money, these current tools will help you find a credit. Remember, even if you have a bad credit still arrive, there is a way to be standard for a to lend so you can buy the car you have always hunted by with one of the many free services that find appropriate loan provider. If you have been lately denied a loan, you should use these techniques to notice a band who will be content lend you the money that you desperately neediness. For more details:. .

New Year Celebrations
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Is near many favorite holiday – New Year’s Eve. Christmas tree, garlands, salad, tangerines, and of course, champagne. What kind of New Year’s feast can do without alcohol? The only question in his numbers. For someone fairly drink a glass of, to feel the festive mood. Others are not used to be limited to a light champagne, preferring fizzy wine over hard liquor.

From this and start a lot of problems, chief among which comes in the morning – a hangover or another state alcohol withdrawal. Terrible condition of the body, headache, malaise – it’s just the beginning of the consequences that occur after a heavy drinking. A few simple tips on how to spend New Year without any consequences. There is a well-known rule – before getting down to feast, the stomach should be empty. In this case, can be drunk immediately.

Therefore, before beginning to eat proposed something light: a sandwich, salad and vegetable oil to the stomach “earned”. Try not to mix different alcoholic beverages. If you started to use brandy, do not go for vodka, and vice versa. And do not lower degree of alcohol consumed, that is to switch from, say, good whiskey on weaker drinks like wine or champagne. Most of the imported beverages – in a synthetic manner. information. Therefore, drink as much as possible of acidic juices they will quickly withdraw from the blood alcohol. If you drink a lot, try to smoke less at the table. Alcohol in combination with tobacco acts on the body with a vengeance. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Who is Kevin Ulrich? and gain more knowledge.. In this case, you are guaranteed a serious hangover. And do not less important tip – a good sleep. But if you celebrate the New Year, we can be calm. January 1 – a day off, so the alarm bell or a strict head just can not hurt. Well, using all of the above advice, you can only slightly improve its morning feeling, but make it excellent – will only complete abstinence from alcohol.

Becoming Increasingly Important
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Increasing importance for the protection of the labour force the Germans are very comprehensive in many areas and (too often) expensive insurance. The protection of own labour power, however, is but still not widely used, although the personal labour for most people is the most important source of income. Who can no longer exercise his profession for health reasons, in danger of a social descent. The Government services were restricted and enough even under the Hartz-IV level. The early statements protects private disability insurance, which pays an agreed monthly pension as a substitute if you no longer are able for health reasons, his previous profession. More information is housed here: Larry Culp. However, many people underestimate health risks, having to give up their profession prematurely. The statistics of the Deutschen Rentenversicherung say federal, that now every fourth worker and every fifth employee in advance on the basis of health complaints his profession must give up. Government backing in the event of occupational disability was in fact abolished some years ago.

There is only a certain protection for the cases in which it can exert no profession at all. This so-called disability protection not sufficient however by far, to secure his current standard of living. Even consumer watchdogs call the disability insurance therefore in addition to the liability and health insurance as the most important insurance coverage at all. With appropriate disability insurance, you can ensure that you can maintain his standard of living in the emergency of a disability and don’t fall through the social network. A combination of occupational disability protection and pensions can be sometimes useful. The prices for a good disability protection depend on the age at the conclusion of the contract, exercised occupation, gender, health status, the insurance period and the amount of the pension.

Also from the selection of the appropriate Insurer. The price differences are here: enormous. However care must be taken in addition to the price also on other criteria such as the conditions of the insurance, the financial strength and reliability of the insurer or individual aspects. As a principle: the younger and healthier you are in the contract, the cheaper and better you can get a good disability protection. More information on the disability insurance as well as the possibility to request an independent comparative calculation can be found on the website. Bergische Assekuranz broker Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal the company has specially on the Specialized needs of private individuals and professionals would want no advice-bound insurance representatives an individual insurance company, but based on independent comparison calculations to get low-cost and high-performance offerings of from various companies. Bergische insurance broker has connections to more than 100 different insurance companies. There are special rates available for various professional groups such as students, trainees, graduates, or certain traders. In addition, all other age and occupational groups will advise comprehensive, fair, independent and competent. Since 1998 in the insurance industry are active customers via the Internet, by telephone and by post served – when preparing offers, as well as in the event of a claim. The strength of the Bergische insurance brokers is characterised by a very high market coverage, highly trained staff and variety of services tailored to the needs of specific target groups. With one individual analysis and the use of cutting-edge financial comparison software, customers are advised objectively and independently.

Greening Design
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Professional fitodizaynery make as internal landscaping and exterior landscaping. 1) the external landscaping (another street) – landscaping diverse level design of lawns and flower beds near the office, home, but avoiding heavy landscaping job. 2) the internal landscaping – design ornamental plants of various interiors – interior decoration and office, and restaurants and apartments and houses, and cafes. Greening suggests design, drafting. If you are not convinced, visit 道端 ジェシカ. Fitodizayner finds a potential space, taking into account the evaluation of the customer, offers ornamental plants.

Order – drawn version of tracks – allegedly – and planting starts created. The result – a modern interior landscaping, or exterior landscaping (street). Vertical gardening – the new project of 'Green Interior', which is increasingly in demand among our customers, ordering greening the office or holiday home. By the same author: actress. eams-and-Boards’>Paul Daversa. In order to revitalize the interior of a large office, a landscaping on the street (for example, draw the outer wall of the building or the arch), it suffices to refer to specialists company 'Green Interior', which can carry out different landscaping of any object. Tony Parker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Vertical gardening can be done as the use of living plants, and using their synthetic analogues – to such resort option if the vertical gardening should make you happy all year round, not just during the warmer months.

Indeed, in some seasons vertical gardening outdoors is impossible – in this case and have resorted to artificial vines, a variety of loach. Greening of an entire wall of any size – no problem. Specialists Studios phyto 'Green Interior' have modern technology to allow a vertical landscaping at the highest level, to strengthen the plants on almost any surface using multiple mounting options to suit you. Our specialists are conducting the landscaping, with pleasure will go to any object, to advise you, provide a design project and implement the greening of your dreams!

Guaranteed Free Of Adverse Effects
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Wilfried Reuter: The medicine of Buddha. What does cure mean edition steinrich 2011 Wilfried Reuter, head of the Center Lotus Vihara in Berlin and obstetricians and Gynecologists, knows what he writes, when he refers to the medicine of Buddha. Both conventional medicine and the medicine of the Buddha are familiar to him as a doctor and Buddhist teachers from decades of experience. In his second book Edition working steinrich Reuter means healing with topics such as what”to live with pain” and ethical decisions in difficult situations”. The author describes very impressively that healing means more than physical healing, our entire human being contains and causes to be in profound peace with ourselves and our lives. After him, healing is even possible, if we no longer physically healthy Wilfried Reuter can as we described the path of healing and acceptance with confidence and confidence can go with many examples and concrete suggestions. Doing a very thorough description of a woman with cancer provides a framework, based on which we concretely, understand what is meant by actual healing. Live in the chapter on pain”illuminated the author the topic of pain and makes it clear that pain and suffering are not the same, but that suffering only begins when we defend us against the pain, resist him, let him.

Each person experiences pain, but we must not suffer. Click 道端 ジェシカ to learn more. In this book, we learn how we can get to that we must persist despite pain in negativity, but can open our hearts. Ethical decisions in difficult situations”, Wilfried Reuter describes with a concrete example of a premature birth, which he accompanied as physician and which dealt with life and death of the child, as we the seven enlightenment elements of Buddhism can be used, that they lead us to make beneficial decisions, i.e. decisions that harm to any living being. The members of the enlightenment begin with mindfulness.

To do this, the author writes: without mindfulness can be your Spirit easily dominated by emotions, personal patterns, embossing and this adult projections and one-sided perspectives. From unilateral perspectives, you may make decisions which are ethically unhealthy and potentially harm you and others. A careful mind can easily switch the perspective.” This and the other members of the enlightenment are explained here as practical that we can apply them directly in our everyday lives. A very alltagsnahes and practical booklet! Hardcover Pocket format, 112 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-20-5, Euro 12,90, Traudel Reiss

Women Can Always Succeed
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Many women feel they are limiting the age until which they aspire to achieve their goals. In this article I’ll show you the question of age, is more in your head that the real limitation posed by it. It is true that as the years pass, they have physical effects on our person, making our ability to fall and with it unfortunately also our self-esteem. Anyway with the right mental attitude and training you to get 100% of yourself, you can get to achieve wonders, whatever your age. I’ll give you some tips to let age be your obstacle, which not only affects your mental health, including your finances and your income in your business. After all weak mind, weak income.

1st tip: Positive attitude. A positive attitude is essential to remove any obstacle. The more this obstacle that directly affects your physique. Smile, train your smile. That traces of the age that is in your face are those of a smile. When you smile people almost always I returned the gesture. Young people tend to laugh quite often, feel young and young portable your body with some good laughs, laugh out loud.

Account and find joke. Perhaps check out Tony Parker for more information. Use your sense of humor to produce endorphins (hormone of happiness). I every day I’m looking for a joke on the internet, to make sure my daily dose of laughter. It’s great how good it feels to laugh. 2nd tip: Take care. Both aesthetic and health, pamper yourself. Make up (I like it so when I go to the supermarket, just because it makes me feel good and beautiful). Wear clothing that suits you, to look nice and pretty, not think about age, but how beautiful you are. Make sport for your body trained and serves its peak performance. The sport will make your body keep more agile, young and beautiful for longer. Take care of your health, talk with your doctor to give you a meal plan tailored to your needs. 3rd tip: Stay as active as possible. When you stop using muscles, either cerebral or physiological level, these are stunted, that is why in the previous tip I have advised you to do sport. Do you know why we age? We age because it ends the process of growth and development, and when something gets stuck. Ken Kao pursues this goal as well. It is then that the wear and tear occurs. This taught me that the leak is lost, so you should be as active as possible to slow the process. It uses every muscle in your body, including the brain. Act like a young person. I personally happen, that being active helps me think and take my negativity of the head. It may be an old woman in 30 years and be a girl with 70, all in your head and your behavior. Although I’m still young, I have 37 years, but I apply these strategies to slow my aging, and prevent the atrophy of my muscles. Since it does not take many years to feel the effects of aging on your body. Also as soon as you start to implement these strategies, higher will be its effects. Although aging is an irreversible process, but these strategies can slow its effects and minimize, follow them and you’ll see as your body thanks you being healthier, quick, beautiful and giving their best for you.

Strategic Guidelines
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Today’s customer management cannot do that without modern CRM solutions, but their introduction is often imbued with significant problems. Karlsruhe, February 21, 2008 Mario Pufahl, partner of xact4u strategy consulting AG, describes the typical weaknesses in CRM projects from a practice perspective and assess their respective share of success: without clear, strategic objective, each CRM project at an impasse threatens to run: fast is the word of the CRM strategy, actually lacks the have in practice but all too often the necessarily specific orientation. So lacking not only a detailed description, use CRM to contribution for the company, but at least as often no adequate overall cost calculation (total cost of ownership) are made. The economic calculations and benefit considerations are however fundamental for success and also as a basis for assessing future scenario changes essential. Success percentage: 25-35% complex projects are in minimalist Squeezed trade concepts: who describes not the actual technical requirements sufficiently differentiated at the beginning and neglected in particular also the users or national companies with their specific requirements, embarks for the CRM project in a very nebulous realization process. Sela Ward will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Because ever more generally and unpraziser it is the harder the intentions, precisely to achieve the goal. Accordingly, a great care in the professional design must be developed, as it lays the groundwork for the later implementation and describes the framework for the expenditure and resource planning. Learn more about this with Jessica Michibata. Success percentage: 20 – 25% negligence in choosing CRM software: also for the evaluation of the market is the technical concept eminent importance, because this function profile derive.

Here lack the necessary accuracy, products or provider can be difficult to compare and the danger a wrong choice, which ultimately can endanger the entire project. For the evaluation are necessarily objective Standards to develop, to move to a documented and robust selection decision. The aspects of strategy, expertise, efficiency and technology are to separate cleanly in the reviews and to condense a whole picture.

California Exemptions
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These California bankruptcy laws are mainly taken from the federal bankruptcy laws of title 11 of the U.S. code. Anna- Belknap has much experience in this field. You will get to understand about the application and workings of the California bankruptcy attorney and its exemptions; from this article. Recently Ken Kao sought to clarify these questions. These California bankruptcy laws are mainly taken from the federal bankruptcy laws of title 11 of the U.S. code. Here is one illustration about conversation of Melisa Jackson and Martin Rogers making you aware about the laws and exemptions of California bankruptcy lawyer.

Melisa Jackson is in earlier client of personal bankruptcy avoidance, and she what having few doubts about some matter concern with the California bankruptcy laws. Hence our expert in bankruptcy, Martin Rogers wants to guide of here on this related matter. Below is their conversation: in which way the California bankruptcy laws organized or structured? The California bankruptcy exemptions is mainly separated in four bankruptcy districts in last with four bankruptcy courts, whose named is placed after each district. They are: California Eastern bankruptcy court California Northern bankruptcy court, California southern bankruptcy court and California Central bankruptcy court. How does the state of California deal with or handle bankruptcy? California bankruptcy laws facilitate people to pay secured loans; helping the property owners to recuperate and to sell it at the standard market price once the total debt is paid. From the exemptions chart you can come across the filing bankruptcy in California under new bankruptcy laws exemptions. It mainly agrees to various types of exemptions.

Of which, there are system 1 and 2 system people can select the type that best suits their situation. Can how people avail help from California bankruptcy exemptions? One of the unique features of bankruptcy law, which is federal law and, therefore, bankruptcies are filed in federal court is that the exemptions can be determined by state law. As stated above, filing bankruptcy in California agrees to the, system 1 and two system 2. With the help of system 1, people can avail following amount as exemptions in homestead: for unmarried and competent person $45,000 to 49,000 approx. For families – $72,000 to 74,000 approx. For senior citizens – $122,000 to 124,000 approx. People can avail following amount as exemptions in staff properties: for bank deposits – $1,900 buildings materials – $1,900 for maximum maximum for motor vehicles – $1,900 maximum other properties – $4,800 maximum system 1 comprise of all kinds of insurance, pension plan and official advantages like health support and compensations along with at least 75% of wages. 2 system of California bankruptcy law is rather different than that of system 1 in terms of exemptions: for homestead – $17,500 (all classes) for motor vehicle – $2.800 for staff benefits – $17,500 for pension benefits – $915 (eligible under ERISA).

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