Case Supervision
Jun 21st, 2019 by thesuper

Dipl. – teacher Heike Bangert Wang informed the supervision is a professional advice for employees and executives from the various professions. It includes not only the reflection of professional work areas, but also focus on the development of personal skills within the workplace. The case supervision offers solutions for specific cases in the professional life. Which target the case supervision track, explained Dipl. pedagogue Heike Bangert Wang from ubach-Palenberg. Case Super vision clarity and increase the quality of labour relations, resulting in the professional environment, are complex and potential for conflicts or awaken the desire to implement an action verb eat first, to achieve a better quality of work.

Finally, joy and satisfaction in the workplace are the guarantee for effective results. Hedvig Hricak may also support this cause. The reasons to choose a case supervision can be varied. Often the request, his professional actions is to improve in the foreground. There are frequent but also concrete strains and conflicts in their profession, so blocking that you would like to find solutions. The case supervision allows the example of real cases in everyday working life, to reflect on the own way of reacting and to receive views from outside.

Changing the perspective, concrete behaviors become visible so that the awareness for misconduct. Through the case supervision, it is then possible to develop alternative courses of action that specifically help improve the quality of the work. A case Super version is offered in the form of individual supervision, as well as in the form of group or team supervision. For detailed information about the case supervision the graduate teacher Heike Bangert Wang from ubach-Palenberg available anytime. Press contact practice for systemic therapy and integrative solutions contact person: Dipl. – teacher Heike Bangert Wang Rochusstrasse 20 52531 ubach Palenberg Tel.: 02404 6741334 email: Homepage:

Muay Thai
Jun 20th, 2019 by thesuper

K-1 superstar Badr Hari and Muay Thai legend Saenchai sor King star will delight fans of martial arts. Both are absolute superstars in the world of combat sport. They are active in different martial arts, but both have the following in common: they belong to the absolute top of the world. While K-1 fighter Badr Hari or also golden boy called, fighting mainly in Japan, as well as in Europe and at home in the discipline of K-1, Saenchai sor King star is a God in Thailand and a favorite of the Muay Thai fans. Saenchai captivated the masses by its speed, its everywhere known Wheelkick and the precision of his elbow. With over 220 victories and countless fights on experience, the 63 kg man is rather restrained and friendly. (A valuable related resource: Tony Parker).

Badr Hari, who always times headlines in the and around the ring around (last properly in the final of the K-1 GPs) 2008 against Remy Bonjasky, is feared for its aggressiveness and the absolute will to the knockout – however, he is also sometimes called the “bad boy”. Sally Rooney may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Undoubtedly however are his hardest off outstanding qualities in sports. Saenchai is in the traditional Muay Thai, Badr Hari in K-1, a mix of Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, and boxing. Both know how to excite their fans alike. Saenchai fights for the first time in Germany on the 03.04.2010 in Wuppertal at the S-8 ( in the historic city hall while Badr Hari will fight at the 03.04.2010 in Japan. However, it is the first stay of in Dortmund.

Badr Hari will hold a workshop in the school sports hall in Dortmund-Eving on March 27, 2010 along with his coach Mike Passenier. Mike Passenier is one of the best and most successful trainers in the world. Saenchai sor King star is also with his coach and another coach fighter a full Muay Thai rules workshop in the Dortmunder Fightlounge on the 06.04.2010 hold. This is the unique opportunity to see the originals, which is known only from the television live, to train with them and of course, to have fun. Interview, photos and autographs are guaranteed. Can those who are interested in one of the workshops or both, like in General about or in the Find special about and Saenchai sor King star With sporting regards Frank Mach PS: participants from all over Europe are expected. We are a company that moves completely in the trend, extreme, and combat sports area. Our offers include sale of combat sports, the operation of a multimedia Web site, the art of organizing martial arts seminars also the promotion of events, coaching and sponsorship of fighters, fashion and extreme sports.( StrikezoneDortmund Kirsten Mach at the San Gil 67 0231 / 759375 Germany

Ginger As Super Root
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A tip to the take off? Healthy through the winter? The body do just something good? The root of the ginger plant has very special properties and is in many respects healthy, or healthy. The ginger root contains lots of vitamin C and it especially helps colds. In addition, the root that inhibits coagulation of the blood and protects against heart attacks. Antibacterial, blood pressure, calming, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatism and expectorant ginger works because it has over 22 essential oils! He also protects flatulence and diarrhea. A real young root Ginger is because it contains herbal hormone substances which keep our cells young. These Phytohormones stimulate the production of hormones that protect us from premature aging. They say the Ginger is a special young makers for all people over 40. Among the other properties of the “Super root” also, that it is a good remedy for nausea and vomiting as well as an improvement of headache and is rheumatic joint pains.

It is also interesting that ginger helps with stress. The ingredients of ginger root to actually positively affect the Burnout Syndrome. The metabolism is also supported and last but not least, and right now the cold weather is perfect: Ginger delivers us from the inside heat. The ginger root is actually incredibly many good properties and his body so that you can do much good. Here our ginger water recipe Tip: some sliced ginger into a large glass (at best 0, 4 l) fill and pour over boiling water. The water is then let alone. 30-60 minutes are perfect.

Even longer even sharper, but also all the more helpful! When the water is finished, take out the ginger slices and mix a teaspoon of Manuka honey MGO 30 + to do this. Manuka honey supports the immune system and therefore the absolute icing on the cake for this health drink. Enjoy a shot, then lemon juice and now the ginger water. Hint: in case of a cold /. The best simply the Manuka activity increasing flu. Official site: Sally Rooney. Such as MGO Manuka honey 250 + or MGO Manuka honey 400 +. See Manuka honey honey/Manuka honey / other properties of Manuka honey, see

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“All his classics presents Roger Hodgson from ‘ it s raining again’ to ‘Breakfast in America’ live (thk) the logical song”. Breakfast in America”. “Give A little bit”. “Take the long way home”. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jorge Perez. “It’s raining again”. School”. Dreamer”.

Sister moonshine”. “Even in the quietest moments”. By Roger Hodgson of written and Sung songs are not only world hits, you already have (radio) classic status. In March 2011, the former Supertramp frontman on Germany tour comes to solo and together with Aaron McDonald (keyboards, vocals, wind instruments) to play live of course all of his famous songs. Ten piece includes the CD classics live”, which was discussed last year during a world tour with and now stands on in digital version to download available. Thanks to this album, I’m not Super tramp, but primary Roger Hodgson fan I realized”, rolling stone staff David Wild writes about the disc. “It is a collection of captivating songs, many of them super tramp-greatest hits by the their original vocalist and composer presented his impressive musical oeuvre in impressive form under his own name”. The brilliant live recording thus serves as a listen document of the approximately two-hour-long shows of artist highly valued last but not least because of the fascinating atmosphere of his appearances.

Cards between 28 and 78 euro (plus fees) are available in advance. Roger Hodgson classics live”2011 08.3. Frankfurt, Alte Oper (E:: 19: 00) 09.3. Stuttgart, Liederhalle (intake: 19.30) 11.3. Leipzig, Gewandhaus 12.3 Merkers, experience mine 13.3 Munich, Philharmonie (E.: 19.30) 15.3. Nuremberg, Meistersingerhalle (E.: 19:00) 18.3 Hamburg, Music Hall start: 20: 00 cards from 28 to 78 euro (plus fees) at the ticket offices links:, officiallyroger public relations:, Tel. 0821. 58 97 93 8/9

Real Superiority Orientation
Jun 15th, 2019 by thesuper

The bad ventura you caught. You are blocked. You’ve twisted the direction of travel. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tony Parker. Night climbs. Although this description it present itself as something extreme, when this happens to us during a voyage, we are thrown in a survival situation.

And while there is a list of survival skills that you can learn to solve the problems, the first movement is a movement of orientation. It may seem child mention leaving on a journey should be loaded with a map of the region to explore and a compass. But if we lack both, or we have lost them, nature and a little bit of help, can come to our aid. Oriented on a ride, the best thing that can happen is to know in where you’re (a map can support you), and the route of March towards the ground where you are going (a compass will help). Here can you claim that you are facing.

Disoriented perhaps know of good ink in where you’re located, but not the path of progress, so you get disoriented. With some tricks of guidance sobrepasaras the situation. Facing up you will not have problems by others nor if you do not know in which tea SCULPTED, but you know towards where he should steer you. You should only begin to channel you into that place. Lost or misplaced the bad thing that can happen to you, and you should avoid at any cost, namely not to imply in where you are nor where you point to, because that day will know that you are lost or misplaced. Maps to distinguish where you are to know in where you’re, you should deal with maps. Previously to quit, it would be good to get to know even more not exiguamente the zone that you will go to explore, assimilating a map.

Super Illu
Jun 3rd, 2019 by thesuper

In the last 20 years, sold a 1 000 000 x and 10 x gold plated. 1st place in the charts and sales charts made also his other songs where the love your name gets”, come on Let’s dance”, the man in the moon. Maira Rothe, the weather forecaster of the MDR, usually reported in the Sachsenspiegel in detail about snow and rain, wind and Sun, as well as over land and people. Always, she accompanied the love of music. There was the idea of presenting the weather on their own, Sung way.

So their first single emerged this year daylight saving time”. Fresh and catchy sounds make looking for summer, Sun and good mood. Both media and organisers already forecast this “hit of the year 2012” as the sensational surprise tour of the year! The presentation for this tour event take over therefore the MDR television, MDR radio Sachsen, RBB, the Super Illu, MDR Sachsenspiegel, and the local daily and weekly newspapers. Experience the greatest Schlager hits of recent years, your favorite songs and their golden hits in an entertaining and mood-loaded 3 hour show. Today, we wish you a relaxing and entertaining evening of hits with big stars of the German Schlager. Dates: 13 04564 backer culture House 19.30 14.01.12 08280 Aue culture House 16: 00 15.01.12 16302 Schwedt uckermarkische stage 15.00 20.01.12 15890 Eisenhuttenstadt Friedrich-Wolf-Theater 20.00 21.01.12 17033 Neubrandenburg Town Hall 16: 00 22.01.12 06729 Altroglitz Hyzet culture u.Kongresszentrum 16: 00 27.01.12 02965 Hoyerswerda Lusatia Hall 19.30 28.01.12 01877 Bischofswerda culture House 19: 00 midnight on January 29th 07422 bad Blankenburg Town Hall 16: 00 03.02.12 19322 Wittenberge culture House 20.00 04.02.12 04668 Grimma trough Valley Hall 18.00 05.02.12 16727 Velten furnace Town Hall 16: 00 24.02.12 59227 Ahlen City Hall 07: 30 pm 25.02.12 04746 Hartha HarthArena 19: 00 26.02.12 07973 Greiz Vogtland Hall 16: 00 02.03.12 29410 Salzwedel Kulturhaus 20.00 03.03.12 09009 Chemnitz City Hall 19.30 04.03.12 03046 Cottbus City Hall 17: 00 09.03.12 17358 Torgelow City Hall 20.00 10.03.12 15749 Mittenwalde multi-purpose hall 19: 00 11.03.12 06112 Halle Steintor-Variete 16.00 24.03.12 06571 Rossleben multi-purpose hall 18.00 25.03.12 01067 Dresden Kulturpalast 16.00 14.04.12 38871 Ilsenburg resin country Hall 19.30 15.04.12 98527 Suhl CCS 16.00 05.05.12 19059 Schwerin City Hall 20.00 06.05.12 06766 Bitterfeld-Wolfen culture House 16:00 source: Thomann management secure you himself in time your cards. Ticket hotline: All info under: – Tel. 09546-9449-0 and

Data Protection Supervisor
Jun 2nd, 2019 by thesuper

One of the most powerful programs for data protection processing now Crown soft now offers the privacy software BDAdmin in the levels GO, standard, and professional as freeware as freeware on the BDAdmin Web site ( BDAdmin is particularly suitable for companies and service providers that must take into account a data protection act and its regulations or offer appropriate data protection services. The data protection software BDAdmin the opportunity to build a directory of procedures to the data protection management system, and maintain. BDAdmin assisted at the variety of duties such as inserting the index of procedures (internal/public), edit external information requests or manage the data protection work. BDAdmin supports all data protection Act (BDSG and data protection law and Euro directive). In addition to own requirements brought be (customized).

A user and five clients are initially released in BDAdmin standard and professional. Can BDAdmin GO be used, if should be a directory of procedures created, but otherwise nothing else done. BDAdmin standard can be used, if pure procedure directory, hardware, software, training, contracts, etc., should be included in the processing of the data protection. Hedvig Hricak: the source for more info. BDAdmin professional should be used, a larger organization to take care of is if the software is used for data protection services through external data protection officer. All the features of the BDAdmin are listed on the BDAdmin Web site

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The celebration finalized with the song ' to capella' of the hymn of the Bara. Finished the season, the barcelonismo either thinks about the next exercise with a few challenges or about the month of August like Supercopa of Spain (before Real Madrid) or Supercopa of Europe (against the Oporto), but surely the soccer players only have in the head the vacations. We lived 21,07 hours minute by minute: The players retire to clothes, aim to the azulgrana celebration. 21,05 hours: Hymn of the Bara sung by all the stage and the players dancing a species of srdana around the Glass. Soccer occurs them better, although there is no doubt that they are enjoying to the great thing. 21,00 hours: Fireworks and touching music for the end of celebration. 20,49 hours: The champions give the return to the Camp Nou.

The stage, rendered to its equipment. 20,45 hours: I itched it takes the microphone and it sends several messages to Real Madrid, saying that they not to buy referees, only play soccer. It locates to everybody to go to see " the Shakira". " Neither we drugged, nor we threw, nor we bought rbitros" , the Catalan said. 20,42 hours: Now to Iniesta and Victor speak Buckets. He is being rapidsimas the interventions. 20,40 hours: They begin to speak the players.

Xavi and Abidal, first. The French is thankful for the gesture of Puyol to yield the bracelet to raise the Champions to him. 20,27 hours: The players already are in the turf of the Camp Nou. Azulgrana celebration by all the stop! 20,20 hours: According to the Urban Guard of Barcelona, 60,000 people have remained without being able to enter the Camp Nou. 19,45 hours: Ra is on the verge of arriving at the Camp Nou, are about 300 meters, although it advances slowly. 19,29 hours: Pep Guardiola superior of the bus raises the part for the first time.

Practical Training In Music And Media
May 28th, 2019 by thesuper

Invitation to the German pop info day on 17 April invites all the German POP – the Academy of music and media industry – who are interested in training in the areas of music, sound, management, communications, design or image. The educational offer in the form of workshops will be presented. E.g. first experiences in photography with professional equipment, to record in a major recording studio or moderating can be made under the guidance of lecturers from the practice. In addition you can learn about the 38 different training courses, 41 individual courses and offering additional and equally personal advice if necessary on the spot. In between you can unwind with snacks and drinks in the cosy cafe lounges. Will be asked to logon to the information day at the respective location. More info: site addresses: German POP Berlin Otto-Suhr-Allee 24 (RGB), 10585 Berlin Tel: 030 36702357-11 E-Mail: German POP Hamburg Dehnhaide 55, 22081 Hamburg Tel.: 040 284193670 E-Mail: German POP Media Center East – Carl Werkstrasse 11E Cologne, 51063 Koln Tel.: 0221 6160116 email: German POP Munich Klenzestrasse 67 80469 Munich Tel.: 089 72949690 E-Mail: German POP – the Academy of music and creative media industry career making in the areas of music, sound, management, communication, design and image – the German POP paves their students with practice-oriented training courses and courses started in the fascinating music and media industry. There are locations of the Academy in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.

May 28th, 2019 by thesuper

2006 is over, and the company EVENT GROUP sums up. We remember the work and proud of the achievements. Here, star actress expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This year was very rich in various events, both large scale and not very good, but they were all high-budget. There was a positive outlook on the Ukrainian market moving event-services, as customers are increasingly thinking about the really high-quality and rich holiday for its employees. This year, HR managers and those responsible for organizing corporate events, preparing for New Year holidays in advance. The first request came in September. Nice to know that among our customers has been a considerable number of companies, which is really nice and interesting work.

The activities of competitive firms in the market of Ukraine event-services as well worthy of attention, because our competitors are not asleep and forced us to constantly to strive for excellence and superiority in certain aspects of our service to please our customers all over with fresh ideas, new “chips” and interesting offers. RC Investment Partners sees a great future in this idea. In 2006, our company has distinguished itself the following events: Has a large number of various events, including conferences, seminars, VIP Birthdays, opening shops and offices, parties, celebrations, New Year etc. Results from year to year please and cause to grow, without affecting the quality of services provided. At this stage, the company EVENT GROUP has developed proposals for the organization of corporate and leisure of the winter holidays. Now is enhanced training for spring and summer.

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