In Verses (Frankish) Year
Jan 14th, 2022 by thesuper

Entertaining moments of a volume of poetry with the title promises: ‘ in verse by the year ‘, the Furth-based author Tina Christ: Home poetry without kitsch but with an eye for Franconian peculiarities. Polar bear Flocke as strikes as sharply observed and satirical miniatures about the German favourite pastime: travel. The poems are dedicated to readers from 8 to 88″, explains the native Leipzigerin, vintage 1937. Also the photographs in the band are all by Tina Christian, which is deeply rooted in their home in Bavaria, Germany. And who carefully considers the images provides the details that perfectly reflect the mood in her poetry. Connect with other leaders such as Aaron Rogers here.

The title fly”may beetle, which is also in this band, was already in the Literareon poetry library”, published in the Munich Herbert UTZ Verlag. And even the venerable Brentano society has recorded one of the poems of the Franconian author in their anthology. “Once per month, Tina is on Christ in the show good” on radio F “with a Poem to hear. But also on readings in her Franconia home, the poems enjoy their many listeners. The poetry is in the Furth Verlag Edition Printis”appeared, and will cost 9.95. 60 pages, 15 colored illustrations. “Tina Christian: in verse by the year” ISBN: 978-3-938633-05-2 of the band is in bookstores or directly from the Publisher at, Tel: 0911-43 13 747 reading dates: in verse by the Frankish year 24 16:00 books OASIS Oberasbach 6 18:30 Brau Schenk Zirndorf on these dates reads the author from her poetry book. The events take approx. 90 min.

Maximilian Tube Reader
Jan 13th, 2022 by thesuper

Another excerpt from the poetry book was published already in the Herbert UTZ Verlag “Monologue of love” (ent) leads the reader once more in the world of big emotions. (As opposed to Betty Reynolds). (d.g. The fourth volume of poetry of authors Maximilian Tube appears with lost of you”in January 2010. “As in longing for friends” (ISBN: 978-3-8391-1749-6) and MondscheinGefluster “(ISBN: 978-3-8391-2479-6) a charming poem book with gorgeous poetry awaits the reader once more. It is a text full of love, hope, dedication and joy, longing and reverie, which through their pictorial language close to the reader and pull him into their spell. This poetry is aimed at all those who still believe in true love and her psychic powers. “Lost in you” is another excerpt from the volume of poetry published in the Herbert UTZ Verlag “Monologue of love” and (unzip) leads the reader once more in the world of big emotions. “Lost in you” is now ninth release of living in the Mecklenburg Gustrow Authors Maximilian Tube. Tube, born in 1964, which is called real name Dirk Groling, is a trained banker. Also, stories for children and humorous reading books for adults that are read throughout Germany like to include poems to his repertoire.

Reading Performance
Jan 13th, 2022 by thesuper

Enough is never enough, the silent poets had their time! the silent poets had their time at the 29.05.09 in Leipzig deep literature and getting goosebumps saxophone & guitar sounds that enough is never enough viewers on the 29.05.09 reading performance”on the opening night of the pitures in the Leipzig Cinestar. The old avant-garde poete Maudit Gerry X performs excerpts from his program”a season in hell X. His wrenching lyrics from the poetry night sweats songs paired with a moving and uninhibited stage show are the product of his existence as a Poete maudit, as a degenerate poet”. He furore’s largest avant-garde artists, intellectuals and higher literature lovers. The word artist is accompanied by the Gagarin – the tenor and soprano saxophonist Uli Linberg and guitarist Dominik Haring. The Gagarin’s put counterpoints in the language and explore the lyrical Cosmos both approvingly, but also verweigernd music from. The focus is always the search the katharsischen effect of art both for the artist and the audience. On May 29, 2009 in the Cinestar, Peter’s Street 44 04109 Leipzig, discover your senses. Let’s go at 8: 00, inlet with WGT tapes. There is information and links at.

Nedall Zalloum
Jan 12th, 2022 by thesuper

But his father said “O son.” Learn: the finest people are like the candles; Let them burn through to give the others something light and heat. Indeed, such best people are the real heroes”and the second best people are the ones who write with the melted wax for the offspring: one ran here! You’re running in the dark. I’m going to get you?” But he has a light. You can force the darkness with light. Only with voices and tones, you can destroy the myth of the silence! Only if one dares beyond himself, he survived the time and the room only with unshakable courage to defeat the fear and can accept only with wisdom destiny free selected Yes! There are no directions, but only one direction, and that is not even dimensional there are no compromises, but only one solution and that is not even rational who has fear of wet, should not swim who’s afraid of the dreams,.

should not sleep and who’s afraid of the nightmare, should avoid the hour of the Wolfen, but by God, you know the hour of the Wolf? You’re running in the dark. There is no way out!” He’s not replied back. But he listened with wide clever but empty expression eyes fully focused to: O son. Was always a candle and never a part of darkness! But you have to keep your eyes, that fire is your weapon, but not your friend, you have to know that there is no turning back “and the father lit a candle and continued: Oh son.” You have to know that after a possible early there will be only a safe end! You will never defeat the dark, but will you also never defeated, but you will go down and be immortalized as a trace, a trail that can show only one other candle but you should know that the fate of the candles is the void “and with a surprisingly fast hand movement, he put out the candle. But in the dark, he saw the fear in his wide “Eyes and he heard the whispers in the dark: dark light up the” you, running in the dark. It not worth to resist?” The sounds are on the light on and the light on the runner it is the skill that emerges from steadfast will.

The melancholy is the poetry of the drama and its course is being safe-creating failure is being. And what was in his heart. Was it the devastating pity? Was it the resignation of sustained with version? Was it the growing awareness of the consequence of a free conscious decision of a free spirit? His steps are slow and harder, his light is brass and weaker, the tones are always silent and continue but one was sure him except getting lights and sounds will give it his fate! The man can be destroyed, but are never defeated because free will survive the tethered and compelling force “his field of vision is darker and narrower and its light goes out between every second and the other. Yes! This is the fate of a candle! And after the last schadenfrohen call: you running in the dark. I’ve got you!” There was again the darkness and silence of nothingness. Nedall Zalloum 18.02.08 Turkey.

Rainer Marie
Jan 12th, 2022 by thesuper

No longer just for ears. A sound that, as Rilke wrote, it seemingly listening us like a deeper ear.” (Rilke, Rainer Marie: poetry 1910-1926, p. 117) And so felt the creative energy that spread because she had it in her and could fill her heart so beautiful. While only the terrible monster was recognized, all others in the beast Belle the only one who could carry out the hidden behind the appearance. And like all fairy tale motifs, also the beauty and the beast has”a direct reference to our personal reality in their holistic development. Are sure that you always recognize any beauty or sometimes by the superficial appearance of sand in the eyes sprinkle also is? Maybe are our feelings and thoughts in reality arrested often probably even significantly differs from other, also possible realities? The beautiful Belle from the beauty and the beast”could see the world and hence the beast with completely different eyes alone because she was wearing beauty in her heart. She had approved for themselves, that reality obvious for anyone not necessarily at the same time the one that had to be the binding of the reality. She followed their heart…

If we the branches and the complexity accept the realities, recognize that beautiful, it want to especially recognize and accept also, revealed to us is a completely new look at the creative world on our individual being. It can’t hurt to try it. You can perceive that the creative energy is present in their inexhaustible potential in your personal reality. “At this point you may ask: what does mean mean” personal reality? “It is not our” reality reality of all people, in which we live? What does this mean for my holistic personality development? But these questions also sound so simple, the answers are not so easy to find. With the conscious thinking (meditate) about we touch disputes be taken already since centuries and millennia of philosophers, scientists, theologians, mystics, artists and many others.

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