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Z Magazine or Zmago Z Magazine (formerly Zeta) was founded in 1987 by two of the founding South End Press, Michael Albert and Lydia Sargent. It is an independent monthly magazine that addresses issues of politics, culture and world economy and the U.S.. This magazine is considered as the main communication tool of the radical left but has recently opened American versions in several languages, including Spanish version . The orial of this magazine may be provocative because the proposed ideas and texts are far removed from those of the mainstream media. Besides the magazine, just as important is the vast amount of resources offered through the Internet. Topics to include North-South justice, peace, environment and society. Many independent author thwarted its aspirations to appear in the mainstream media are in Z Magazine the opportunity to express themselves.Can be found in the magazine texts, articles and original and provocative stories that never appear in the mainstream media. Z Magazine is available in paper and online. The printed newspaper has 64 pages with articles of varying length and subject matter. The online magazine, updated monthly, reproduces as closely as possible the printed version. Moreover, the online version has a public version (one file) and another exclusive for its subscribers. Subscribers have the advantage of being able to read the latest articles published immediately without waiting for months that do not have subscribers.

History Efrain
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History XX Efrain Gomez Luis Leal, in the year 1917 wrote a booklet titled “History of the Chitareros (Arciniegas Fund). It refers to Aboriginal Chitaga, the ICOT, the Cacota and the description suggests it follows that these natives were linked to the Chitareros. According to the author, Chitareros was one of the races or branch of the tree that rose from the Caribbean – Atlante or Quichua who populated the Andes. The Longest Chitareros enjoyed since its installation of natural resources, conveniently organized in huts and fencing large tracts of land for growing their crops. A hard boss, best suited for what seasoned, strong and skilled, commanding the people as a demigod. When it came to conquer, to Guatiyarocha time, called the Cacic n, occupied a tomb next to his ancestors Chitareros.Chicamocha His son, heir to the chieftainship, he commanded all the inhabitants established between the boundaries demarcated by the territories of Sugamuxi and Guanes Macareguas, Junza and Caribs. And beyond the last ridge of the Andes Mountains, above the plains where the tigers play at Pampa by frost snowy crest of the cleft as rigging pirate ships, and even beyond the swinging waves. LUIS EDUARDO PAEZ COURVEL, in his very important book “Historical Studies on Pamplona and Oca a” (Editorial Antares, Bogot 1950, Pgs. 14, 15) citing the book “General History” Bishop Lucas Fernandez de Piedrahita, in notes verified in the year 1941, states that Chitareros domains lay between the lands of Tunja and Merida. Dominating the scene, stood TEQUI sun city, capital of the tribe. In the distance, many people showed the wonderful advancement and advanced civilization of this race of warriors and artists. E.Otero D’Costa, in his work Cronic n manor inhabited Chitareros says the cold of the great knot that is the Andes Santander. The lordship of their chiefs had spread throughout the region between the river guaca its upper and middle and high Surata, bordering those parts, as a natural border, the line of peaks from Mogorontoque up Tona climates in Santander del Sur. Apparently the Chitaga, the ICOT (Ycot s) and small settlements were poor Cacota dependent distance from the center of civilization chitarero.According to the historian concludes PIEDRAHITA FERN NDEZ LUCAS, in his book “General History of the conquest of the New Kingdom of Granada” and Fraile PEDRO DE AGUDELO in his book “The Historical Collection” and “History of the Province of Santa Marta y Nuevo Reino de Granada “PEDRO DE Orsua who was found in mid-1549 and indigenous groups Cacota ICOT, before reaching the valley of the Holy Spirit on the eve of Pentecost. But it seems that before issuing PEDRO DE ORTUN Orsua AND DE VELASCO VELASQUEZ, scans were near to the territories occupied by these settlements, progress that has saddled him with Ambrosius Ehinger: “… Ehinger escaped from the Arawaks Valley or Laches Aboriginal pursued by hatred, looking for what is now the land of Venezuela in their desperate flight arrived at Almorzadero, Cornale step, the buzzer, to Earth to the river reeds. .. “” …is a derivation of the Tundama psychological turn of the Chibcha dependence … “” … Chitareros were thin, small, oblique eyes, clear and bowlegged … “” … in stature, 1.60 … “” … Typical brown race … “” … denote its ceramics industry forward … “” … in the tombs of the Chitareros are no idols or samples of gold are only stone axes, short, and as ornaments, necklaces of bones of birds, snails and drilled … “DON MARTIN CARVAJAL have found several mummies a length of 1.62 cm. Thoracic diameter of 78 cm and weighing 50 kilos likely, broad chest and hips symmetrical, with strong bones coalesce.Transcribe some of what was said by the historian JOSE ANTONIO DE PLAZA in his “Memoirs for the History of New Granada”, which refers to the founding of the nearby Pamplona as a result of the northern expion ordered by the Spanish visitor Bachelor MIGUEL DIAZ Armendariz, expion dominica was conducted by Don Orsua AND DON PEDRO DE VELASCO Ortuno of “… Exit se again the desire to discover the famous Casa del Sol, who had dragged the ambitious Hernan Perez to the discovery of your company in the Dorado. Armendariz had hidden motives stimulated by this company, naming from the previous year by Captain Peter Orsua, i intended hundred blacks, until the Pamplonita Valley, land of the Chitareros, to arrive in front of the forest from where he fell the brave Chin cota conquistador reaped the throat along the edge of the bolt relentless.

French colonization of
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French colonization of the Americas French colonization processes began in the early seventeenth century. During the previous century, the French had tried unsuccessfully to settle in U.S. territory and, despite the difficulties, during the sixteenth century the French fishing vessels regularly visiting the Atlantic coast of North Africa. This came primarily due to the demand for fur in the European markets and, therefore, French merchants began a lucrative trade with Native Americans. In the early seventeenth century, Samuel de Chaplain founded trading posts in Nova Scotia, Annapolis and Quebec (first French colony, founded as part of a fur factory) in the current Canada. Champlain did not hesitate to support their allies, the Hurons in their wars with other indigenous peoples of eastern North America. Another French colony was founded in Montreal, where he began the exploration of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River by Ren Robert Cavalier.Unlike the first English settlers who stayed on the coast and used intermediaries to trade with the Indians, the French moved deeper into the woods with the intention of expanding trade and religious boundaries with the natives. Therefore, for the first half of the eighteenth century were French settlements at Detroit, Niagara, Kaskaskia and Dominica Cahokia, in the territories of Illinois and New Orleans in the present United States of America. These posts will give France control of a territory stretching from Canada to Louisiana. The French government also encouraged the establishment of colonies in the Caribbean during the seventeenth century, conquered the islands of Saint Christopher, Saint Croix, Saint Bartholomew, Grenada, Saint Martin, Tortuga, Marie Galante and the western part of the Spanish who called Saint Domingue (Haiti). The importance of the French colonies was primarily economic and military.They were close to the main Spanish shipping routes, allowing intercept their ships and establish trade. The French islands had an economy known as “plantation”, based on production and export of sugar, cotton, cocoa and snuff. On the other hand the slave labor also generated huge profits. Eventually the French colonies had more slaves than white people, one of the factors that favored its economic prosperity.

Arturo Michelena International
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Arturo Michelena International Airport Source: World Aero Data Arturo Michelena International Airport (IATA: VLN, ICAO: SVVA) is an airport located in henry fool the Venezuelan city of Valencia, Carabobo. It is the fourth largest airport in the country, after Sim n Bol var (Maiquet a), La Chinita (Maracaibo) and the Santiago Mari o (Porlamar). It has a privileged location, found in northern South America, which allows easy access to international markets, is located in the Valencia Industrial Zone, regarded as one of the most important manufacturing complex in Latin America, does factor in the development as one of the major airports in the region. Over 60 of air cargo to be mobilized in Venezuela is for this airport, making it the largest cargo airport in Venezuela, while the rest of air cargo is split mainly between Maiquetia and La Chinita, and other minor airports .It is connected to five minutes with the country’s road network and located only an hour and a half from the capital of the Republic and twenty minutes from Puerto Cabello, Venezuela’s main Caribbean port. henry fool Edit

Porn, condoms and STDs
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In the 1980s, an outbreak of HIV led to the premature deaths of several erotic actors, including John Holmes, Wade Nichols, Marc Stevens, Al Parker and Lisa de Leeuw, among others. These facts led to the creation of the Medical Foundation stop the adult film industry (AIMHCF, Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation in English) that collaborate in the creation of a system in the United States, through which actors would be submitted erotic to HIV testing every 30 days. All sexual contacts are regitrados, and the emergence of a positive case makes all individuals involved in the last 3-6 months are located and retest. The use of condoms became standard in films whose themes include homosexual anal sex. AIDS cases in the adult industry have declined markedly in recent years thanks to these measures, although there is Henry Fool disagreement about these figures and are Henry believed to be cases that is not known.In April 2004, a wave of panic hit the U.S. industry heterosexual porn, when two porn stars tested positive for HIV in California, the principal place of porn production in the country. The industry voluntarily agreed to cease production for 30 days while the matter was resolved, although initially planned a 60-day moratorium. Two actors, Darren James and Lara Roxx, were initially positive, be so prohibited any production explicit sexual content. About sixty actors who had maintained contact with James and Roxx stopped working until the next round of AIDS testing was completed and released them from suspicion. At the end of the moratorium, a total of five actors were diagnosed with the virus: one man and four women (Miss Arroyo and Jessica Dee, also Roxx), including a transsexual.It is believed that James probably contracted the virus while filming a movie in Brazil, broadcast at other women, except for the transsexual actress, who was considered an unrelated case. Roxx was shocked by the news, believing that porn actors were healthier than the general public. The AIMHCF ensures that the rates of Fay Grim STDs in adult film actors, according to its test routines, is 80 lower than the general public. However, according to the Department of Public Health in Los Angeles, the data are different, and it is estimated that STD infections such as gonorrhea or chlamydia, are higher in adult film actors. Because of this outbreak, the California state government considered the regulation of the industry. There were those who proposed the mandatory use of condoms in explicit scenes, but the reception was mainly opposed that idea.On the one hand, it was alleged that some actors refused condom use, on the other hand, argued that the measure would produce a decline in sales, and that pornographers do not accept its use in movies. Also commented that if regulated the use of condoms, probably emerge underground industry, which could not be done the thorough testing of control AIMHCF. In 2007, a study by the Department of Public Health Los Angeles (main production of pornography in the U.S.), showed that only 17 of the actors made regular use of condoms during filming of movies.While stressing the work of the AIMHCF, also testified that the checks did not prevent the appearance of new cases, but only control the spread of outbreaks. In June 2009, the AIMHCF reported another positive finding for AIDS, although it seems the infection has not occurred during the performance of the profession, but in private life of the actress.From the health system in Los Angeles said there were 16 HIV cases not without official reports in the adult film industry. AIMHCF He countered that such cases did not involve actors of companies followed their protocols evidence, but people outside the industry who also used their services or individuals seeking to work as pornographicactors, but they never do because of positive HIV or other STDs. was banned in France by law the projection of pornographic films on television in which no condom was used. In Brazil, condom use is widespread in the production of pornographic films. On the other hand, the gay porn industry, sector where an estimated half the players are carriers, also is in favor of condom use in productions that include explicit sex.

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Monuments and tourist
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Monuments and tourist attractions Roseau is the main tourist center of the country. The city has beaches of black volcanic sand as one of its greatest tourist attractions. The most representative religious buildings are the temple of the Anglican church of St. George’s. Roseau Catholic Cathedral, built on a hill with volcanic stone headquarters of the diocese. The construction of the cathedral, Romanesque-Gothic style, was begun about 1800 and was completed in 1916. The cathedral was built on a 1730 chapel built by the French priest Guillaume Martel. The temple was originally named Notre-Dame du Bon Port of Roseau mouillage (Our Lady of Good Roseau Port of Anchorage), but after the British conquest the name was changed. Panorama of Roseau from boat Cruise.As for green areas or gardens include the Botanical Gardens and the gardens of State House, Roseau being an exceptional case in this regard, it is not unusual for this size of green spaces in downtown areas as in the other capitals of the Caribbean . The Fort Young Hotel: Another of the most important buildings, not only but throughout Roseau, Dominica is the Fort Young Hotel. This is a hotel which for cultural activities located in what was a French fort in 1720. The fort was taken by the British in 1761 and served to protect the pier. It takes its name in honor of Sir William Young, governor of Dominica from 1770 to 1773. The Old Market Square and the New Markey: In the city there are many shops, but the most important points of sale are the Old Market Square, located where was located the old slave market, and the New Market, where on Saturday morning you can buy Dominica fruits and vegetables in the area, and where Friday is the fish market. On the outskirts of the city hot springs are located.Another attraction is the tourist snorkeling on the beach at Champagne Beach, where there is water bubbling from the seabed. To 8.9 km northwest of the city, the Roseau River Valley, in the village of Trafalgar, is the site of the falls known as Trafalgar Falls. This is the largest natural attraction of the island. It has two waterfalls, most of it about 38 feet high, and second, about 23 meters. Another natural attraction, the Titou Gorge, including in the Roseau Valley is located about 9 miles northeast of Roseau, in Laudat. This is a natural pool at the base of a waterfall and covered by vegetation. Another waterfall, the Emerald pool, is situated about 13 kilometers northeast of Roseau. This is a cascade of 12 meters and a natural swimming pool with easy access. Many tourists come to Roseau in search of a good place to fish or contemplate where sperm whales.

Traditions Velitas Night
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Traditions Velitas Night of Barranquilla. House lights the night of 8 December. Day or Night of Velitas held throughout Colombia, but its characteristics vary in each region. In Barranquilla, where this event has special significance, on 7 December marks the start of the holiday season. In this city, the atmosphere decembrinas is framed by the trade winds, which generate a characteristic atmosphere. On the morning of 8, in the midst of a popular festive atmosphere, the people placed candles lit by multicolored lights inside on the fronts of the houses and on the platforms to celebrate the Immaculate Conception. Traditionally, lanterns are handcrafted wooden slats that form a truncated pyramid, whose faces were wrapped in green cellophane, yellow, blue and red.In the municipality of Quimbaya, in the department of Quindio, Velitas Day is celebrated by closing streets to traffic, and are lit with candles, lights and paper lanterns in the shape of animals, saints and nativity scene figures, which fill the entire city of light which attracts many tourists during this season. Other events include parades and fireworks. In Bogota, plus all the Christmas decorations and holding the candles, the city plans evening events for the whole family, many are open Ciclov as, museums, shops and malls have extended hours and events with fireworks display everywhere. In Medellin, the celebration is the 7th of December, where candles and lanterns light up the houses and streets.At the same time inaugurated the Christmas lights throughout the city, but mainly on River Avenue and Avenida La Playa, the latter is a procession called “parade of myths and legends” in which large figures representing the different Colombian myths and legends, they hit the scene, so that Mohan, La Llorona, the noncustodial head to the rhythm of the music come alive for some hours, in addition to the fireworks provided by the municipality as a gift to the city . All these cultural activities mark the beginning of Christmas in Medellin. In Velitas Day to decorate the balconies, patio, sidewalks, streets, parks and Cali with candles and paper lanterns in honor of the Virgin Mary. The celebration is also accompanied with fireworks in many cities.

Business Models
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Even today it is called “the petaling jaya music business,” however, is not exactly the business of music production. At some point it became the business kedah of malasyia selling CDs, a business that will soon cease to be business. But that’s not bad malasya news malyasia for music, and certainly not bad news for musicians. In fact, with all means cuti cuti available to us today to reach the public, there has never been more opportunities for artists. universiti Radiohead released their ringgit latest album online and Madonna defected from Warner Bros. to johor Live Nation concert promoters.Signals the end of malasiya the music business as we know it. In reality, these are just two jalan examples of selangor how musicians are increasingly able to work outside the traditional system of companies. kuantan Is sarawak not there a single way of doing business these motortrader days. This variety is very good for artists, gives them more options langkawi to get paid and earn a living and is good kota kinabalu for the public will also have more interesting shah alam music to usahawan listen. Director of UBG berhad is already a leading global finance professional who is gaining an international reputation. In the past (without the remote existence of recorders and players), music was something only heard and lived pelancongan as an experience – a social event as a purely musical melaka point of view. I could kepada not separate the music from its social context.Troubadours, malaisia courtly entertainment, church, shamanic chants, kl map ceremonial music, military music, dance music, etc.., – Virtually all related kancil to perniagaan specific perodua social functions. Music was an experience, intimately linked with his life. You could have to pay for music, but after it was already part of the past. Technology has changed everything Recorded music became a product, which can kelantan be bought, sold jawatan kosong and played endlessly in any context, but yet our human instincts remained intact. Always ready klang (using music as part of our social fabric) terengganu to congregate at concerts and in malesia bars, even pahang music going hand in hand kesan (or via the Internet) as a form of social currency, to build temples motor trader where only “our type of people “can hear music (opera houses and symphony halls), wanting to know more senarai about our favorite artist. – The love of his life, his clothes, his political convictions. This reveals an eternal need for a broader context beyond a piece taman of plastic.

Program Shapeworks Avancado
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headquartered in Miami, Florida understands the serious financial challenges faced by people who cannot otherwise afford to purchase major medical insurance plans Program Duration: 30 days The program is composed by: 2 pots of nutritional insurance po, 1 fiber and herbs, 1 multivitamin and 1 Thermojetics tea pot Each shake provides 21 meals, so Health insurance all of our programs Weight Control contains 2 pots of shake that the duration is hospital 30 days. Ideal program for those who want to reduce more than 10kg Using Program Shapeworks Advanced ‘Click Here

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