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Feb 15th, 2015 by thesuper

HappyCashBack offers a cash bonus can be credited directly to the account of the user free integrated price and search for every purchase. Munich, June 30, 2008 the purplead AG, technical service provider for the development of Web-based applications and software from Munich, Germany, announces the launch of the BETA phase for its new shopping portal HappyCashBack. HappyCashBack offers a cash bonus can be credited directly to the account of the user free integrated price and search for every purchase. According to of AGOF, study had the Internet in Germany in the fourth quarter of 2007 a range of 63.7 percent, which roughly corresponds to 64.8 million Germans over 14 years old. 32,72 million people count for users who were yesterday online. Online shopping has become a matter of course”so the AGOF study. The proportion of online shoppers among Internet users is 87.4 percent. In other words: 35.2 million people have bought in the past twelve months goods on the Internet.

Over a third of Internet users to buy books and air or train tickets or tickets for cinema, theatre, concerts, etc. over the Internet. What is already self-evident in everyday life for offline shoppers, online still looking for peer to peer: discount systems. In everyday life, it is commonplace at the gas station, in the Department store or at the butcher next door points, to collect stamps, Thaler or similar. Products online however is hardly a comprehensive discount system for the major shopping. With HappyCashBack, it now is possible absolutely free on all purchases in the Internet discount to get. This is regardless where or how much is purchased.

Even bonuses provided to redeem ordinary collection systems available, eliminates the need. HappyCashBack pays a cash bonus on every purchase made through the platform off directly to its customers. This is 100% transparency in the purchase of the goods and of the bonus it paid. Is the discount for each product by the Seller determines and clearly displayed next to the prices. All discounts granted are collected on a personal HappyCashBack account and can then be transferred to the real account of the user. We attach great importance on security. Of course, all safety-relevant data are SSL encrypted and are time-shifted sent.”commented Simon Ritter, CEO of purplead AG. And again: I am very proud of our platform. We brought an absolutely innovative free product on the market in a very short time, that gives people just more fun shopping.” Compare, buy and transfer functions are fully operational with the launch of the beta phase of HappyCashBack. The discount platform provides the basis for an environment with many other Vergunstigungs and entertainment. For beta stage further comparisons of prices and search functions are tested and improved continuously”so Knight. Any criticism is welcome. We will do everything to for our online shoppers to make shopping even more attractive. Rebate schemes, which rely on primitive premiums have not only offline defunct.” of purplead: purplead AG is the technical service provider that specializes in the development and marketing of Web-based applications and software. The young company, based in the Centre of Munich, developed customized online solutions from the analysis to the planning for his customers to the technical implementation and subsequent maintenance. purplead, operator of the action platform is gimgu and the shopping portal HappyCashBack. With its highly experienced staff in the area of online marketing and programming, the company is always ahead the today’s market standards.

Feb 14th, 2015 by thesuper

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