Octave Shift
Oct 24th, 2013 by thesuper

Another option, which brings us into the sphere of sound production, it is panning (PAN). Range – from -64 to 63. You have the ability to create a stereo effect. Very bright, he heard at a dilution fundamental tone (TONE), and a voiceover (LAYER) in different directions imaginary scene. You've got to remember, mark 00 – this is the central position of the left and right channels. Reduction of digital values moves to the left and increase shifts to the right.

You seem a great opportunity to "sit down" your virtual musicians so that the timbres of each instrument sounded from different, the locations of places. For example, channels pattern – from 6 th to 10th can be separated from the zero point in different directions: the second channel – (-64), 7th – (-30), 8th – (00), 9th – (+30), 10th – (+63). Thus, the accompaniment will acquire greater amounts. Many probably already faced such a function as an octave shift (Octave Shift). Range: -2 to +2. Most often it is used in combination of the ground and a voiceover.

Using this feature, you can get latitude and surround sound of voices or stressed humorous tone depending on the nature of the work and your plan. But we must not forget that may sound interesting, and modified using this option accompaniment. For example, if a melody sounds the middle register, the harmonic pedal configuration or party brought into the upper register, it will not "interfere", and the texture will become more transparent and clear. Such work is rather tedious and time consuming, but the effect is remarkable. Many students, having tried once to work on changing the specified pattern, then bring some very interesting options for recycled auto accompaniment. Say a few words about the remaining two mixer functions. The first – a rough tuning pitch selected channel (C. Tune). Raise or lower the pitch of each channel into 24 semitones. Second – fine tuning the height of the selected channel (Fine Tune). His range: from -99 to +99, step measured in cents – 1 / 100 semitone. The first of these parameters can, for example, can easily overcome the difficulties associated with the execution of fast passages in double notes, and using a second – to create a realistic sound hurdy-gurdy, "upsetting" accompanying voices. People just began playing on a synthesizer, creating arrangements, as a rule, a sense of joyous euphoria of available electronic instrument opportunities. But time passes, and a desire to change something, alter, add, create your new. Here and need to call the function mixer. Use it simply as the work of the leading voices, and from outside the of the accompaniment. And I'm sure that this work will bring you much pleasure. Try it, go for it! Elena Liskina head. Division of emi Music School 2, Podolsk

G-Bucks Part II, By Phil Galfond
Oct 11th, 2013 by thesuper

Here is the second part of the excellent article by Phil Galfond "OMGClayAiken." If by some chance you have not read the first, which we published last week, here's the link:. Absolutely essential! Here is the second part of the excellent article by Phil Galfond "OMGClayAiken." If by some chance you have not read the first, which we published last week, here's the link:. Absolutely essential! Back to the hand of Ac Jc and we'll see how it could have played better the turn and river. Remember that all happened this way: The flop is Qh Th 5d ($ 1,500 in the pot). He check, you bet $ 1,500. He call.

The turn is 4c ($ 4,500 in the pot). He check and you bet $ 4,500. He call. The river is 5s ($ 13,500 in the pot) He check and you go all-in for your remaining $ 13,300. He makes calls with AcJc call. We also said that you'd still online with QQ, TT, QT, 55, 44, 76, KJ, J9, Ah2h-AhKh, Kh9h, Jh8h, 9h8h, 8h7h, 9h7h. Now his call on the turn is very marginal, as you would with weak hands as a couple, so that you do not stop much in your voice on the turn, except for the fact that I could touch up a bit to help your range in river. So we do check behind on the turn with your projects and AhJh AhKh colored. I like to check with these hands a few times because we know where we are when it comes out a heart, whereas we do not know if we check with 9h8h and completed the project, and also can have our ace outs and do not want us to check and let us raise a hand to pull as many outs on the turn.

Golden Retrievers
Oct 7th, 2013 by thesuper

There are many things you have to do to find the correct breed to breed. It is very important that you find the correct race, because this will be the best way for you to be successful. First of all, when you search for the breed, you must make sure to find as much information as possible about the different types of razs. This information will help you make a good decision when you arrive to discover the type of race that you criaras. The first issue in which thinking is if you want or not raising purebred dogs. This is something you have to think carefully. Some dogs, like Golden Retrievers and the farmers, can be reared with dogs that have no pedigree. You may want to do this because you like the type of dog you have and you feel that will also appeal to others.

In this case, you’d be looking for two types of dog to breed, but you’re not so worried about the pedigree and if you look of pure bred dogs. Breed dogs that are not purebred can be very difficult, because you have no exact information on how they are. Therefore, raising dogs of Purebred can be better because you’ll be able to search in their lineages, and make sure that a couple that will produce good puppies pups. You must also consider the size of dogs you wish to raise. You must find a compatible with you size. Recalls that the best breeders have their dogs inside their House must not be outside, on the street or caged. Then, you must decide by a race that suits your life.

For example, if you have a small house, raising small dogs probably is the best. If you have a big house with many rooms, you can consider raising large size dogs. Once you decide the race, advances and get an investigation so that you can discover all the details about the dog you chose. It investigates what breeders are raising that kind of dog, and which ones are willing to do so. Also, you should take into account issues like the character, make sure that the dogs that you criaras have the right temperament. Find out if the breed is good with children and other dogs. Search internet forums in the views of the breeders of this breed. Be sure to start a breeding program that suits your needs and where you find people who can help you. This is very important because it will give you the chance to know if you’re doing the right thing.

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