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During the fishing used eland and water. Not bad for such purposes Cannes or styrofoam boxes, such as cooler bag without refrigeration elements. In the course of catching water in Cannes is gradually getting warmer, oxygen, there are fewer and fry begins to die. Dead fish must immediately captured and placed in a wet rag. Water evaporation from the surface of tissue leads to cooling. This way you can keep snulogo fry for fishing. The fact that some fishing tackle is using live fry, but at the end of fishing baits have snulogo, determines the presence of two snap-fisher's arsenal. For example, when fishing on the course of a snap-in consists of a float and mormyshkas medium-sized hook, having a long fore-end.

Malek clings to the lip or nostril. In standing water is more often used with a single snap hook, and fry clinging to her back. If you fry fell asleep, then it is preferable to stick within a relatively large single hook or mormyshku about how worm or vibrohvost. If during the slack or not, it will have to make an artificial wiring. Very effective use of fry and fishing without a float, for example, a large "summer" or a small mormyshku trolling. In this case, even snulogo fry can stick behind his head. Using a small spoon is very diverse game and give tangible effect in the event that perch a lot and it is active. In the case of a very sluggish bite preference should be given with a single snap-hook and live fry.

Catching Carp
Mar 23rd, 2012 by thesuper

Every fisherman dreams of the big fish biting, wants to compete with it long enough to look at it closely, and if very lucky, and catch. Alexander Guskov believes that the carp is precisely such a fish. Source Word In Fisherman Central Russia a few places where you can catch carp purposefully, especially large. This niche here is carp. No doubt, a good fish, but …

not carp. Not a big carp caught in the main well in the culture of fish farms. But the instances of 3 kg caught very often. For more respectable trophies best to go in the Lower Volga and Akhtuba. During visits to these parts, I noticed a curious detail.

Many of those who happens, in particular on Akhtuba, carp are not caught. If we ignore the opponents of the stationary fishing, the other fishermen are not averse to catch carp, but are not ready to overcome a psychological barrier, knowing firsthand what a catch – an expensive and complicated, and they to her absolutely not prepared. Needless to say, catching carp, or as it is called "wild carp," a pretty good deal. However, for example, my friends literally spinning for half an hour reconfigure their gear to devote to other Zorka-catching carp is stationary. As fishing grounds would seem at first glance may seem strange, but to determine the habitat of wild carp in the waters of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain fairly simple. Except, perhaps, time periods, when the carp disperses in very shallow bays and irrigation.

Web Studio
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Site development – a process that requires careful preparation. First we need to develop a plan of action clear. Many Web Studio, create a website, consider that it is not necessary requirements specification and schedule, which is fundamental in the development of sites. I propose to act on such a plan, so as not to miss the most important and little things: – it is necessary to determine the direction in which you going to work – Your site must be highly specialized – go to create a unique style – a brand book (logo, corporate colors, that is what you use when building a website, and subsequently to promotional printing and documents); due attention to the logo to be memorable, but not annoying – now let's talk about your future performance of the design project: recommended for use in design no more than three primary colors; logo should be placed in the top right corner, which will contribute to the unconscious memorization, but if the logo is already known, then – this is the upper left corner, the best number is five menu buttons, and more have been difficult to memorize sections of the site, to the extent possible to abandon the bright backgrounds that distract the visitor from the textual information should not be provide on its web site a lot of places to advertise – excessive advertising will scare away visitors – so when the design is approved – go to his make-up – the next stage of website development programming is – a very important and responsible part of the process – when the site is filled with material and is designed graphically, it can begin to test for efficiency; Given these factors, the development site will be error-free. No matter how you look for contractors – website design Kiev or in any other city, important professional team that really can give you a huge amount of unrestricted opportunities.

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