The Game
Mar 24th, 2015 by thesuper

New York and Chicago, Odessa and Kiev, Paris and Berlin. What money? Paper! I – the eternal wanderer, and supreme happiness when I’m on the road “- so he lived to 45 years. For years, the presentations and many hours of heavy rehearsals gave him such a success that has allowed many to travel the cities and countries. However, this sensation does not affect the welfare of his home. H. Tabachnik, now well-known artist, lived in a communal apartment and had a regular salary employee Philharmonic. In his skill as a musician he has reached such heights that played not only for ordinary people, but for the princes to presidents, for kings, for the diplomatic corps and the thugs in prison.

Throughout his received the same welcome and shouting “Bravo!”. Although the gloss ramps, hidden tragedy of their artist. After H. Tabachnik lived for many years alone. Parents died, divorced from his wife, no children, and the only sister left for the border. People who have been through it, very much appreciate a real friendship. And in point the recent anniversary of the maestro, which brought together the famous and ordinary people who, heartily, congratulated the actor and just man.

As told his mother: “Son, do you think that happiness – is the” grandmother “, and co-op machine? You have a lot of friends, this is happiness. ” To date, H. Tabachnik has reached such heights in the music, what only can be achieved. A his greatest wealth – the wife, children (3 sons) and friends, with a good heart and thoughts. Accordion accordion or harmonica – a musical instrument, invented in 1829 by Damian in Vienna came from the harmonica, as we know it child’s toy, and consisting of a series of thin, steel reeds arranged so that they emit when blowing one sound, and pull-in the air the other, and form two chord built on the tonic and dominant, with injection of tonic chord is obtained, with blowing – the dominant chord. Accordion the same tool in a larger scale against harmonics, for which the breath is not enough to cause it sounds. It is arranged in the form of rectangular box, the side walls of which consist of folded folds of skin and form the bottles, which are inflated by raising and lowering the bottom of playing the accordion. On the top board are the keys. Each key allows two sounds: one for pulling, the other in compression of the instrument. At the bottom of the instrument one or two valves that are essential for the work of the dominant chord and tonic. There are simple and double accordions: Simple have one double – two rows of keys. To study the game on the accordion, the following works in German: ‘A. Unterricht dasselbe spielen zu lernen ‘(Leypts., 1834), and Zimmermann,’ Tabelle fur A., mit 58 Tonen ‘. In a lot of accordions made in Klingenthal, in Saxony.

Guadalquivir River
Mar 13th, 2015 by thesuper

Singapore (March 30), global site of hotel reservations with base in Asia and part of (NASDAQ:PLCN), announced special offers for the April fair of Seville, which will be conducted in the dazzling capital of Andalusia. The April fair of Seville takes place two weeks after Easter and is one of the most famous events in Spain. In contrast to the solemn processions of Holy week, the April fair of Seville (1 to 8 May) is surrounded by an atmosphere of celebration, where the most exciting traditions of the region are displayed. During the celebration, which extends for a week, the fairgrounds of the ride’s horses in the eastern margin of the Guadalquivir River, is home to more than a thousand huts. These casetas belong to prominent families, companies and clubs, and each presents its own entertainment program that includes a variety of dances, drinks and meals. During the night the fair surrenders to the charms of the sevillanas, a lively folk dance similar to flamenco. Every day the festivities begin with a colorful procession of horses and carriages.

In each of the carriages Seville women take out their best Flamenco costumes and men their immaculate traditional costumes. After the procession the Sevillians returning to the booths and enjoy long nights of tumultuous fun. Many booths will continue holiday in true Sevillian style overnight until well past dawn. Those who visit Sevilla during this period may add to the fun in one of the many public houses. Beyond of the charms that keeps the ride’s horses, Seville has much to offer to travelers. Visitors can explore the historical places of the city, as well as its art and architecture, or enjoy the popular charms of the city such as bullfighting, tapas bars or encourage one of the two football teams in Valencia. Among the tourist attractions that visitors should not miss are the Real Alcazar, a Moorish Fort converted into Palace; the Cathedral of Seville and the Bell Tower of the Giralda.

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