Daniel Spoerri restaurant
Aug 20th, 2015 by thesuper

The fallen image of the Swiss artist from 1965. The artwork of Daniel Spoerri, a Swiss artist, born in Romania in 1930, restaurant de la city-Galerie”in 1965 in 82 x 82 cm square format is in the collection of Helga Hahn in Cologne. It is a falling picture and represents a dining table of the City Gallery. This work belongs to the classical genre with appeal to relief and plastic still lifes. Traditionally, edible items are presented on many still life is an invitation. The vanity elements had always been a negative connotation. Spoerri is a representation after a binge. Unappetizing plate of food arranged anywhere.

More or less a pure Vanitas still lifes. Typical of the modern art, a new art form is experimenting with the genre of the still life. The objects are quickly at hand. Still life stands in the hierarchy of the classical genres of image for history, portrait, genre and landscape painting at last, in fifth place, since it is mainly a representation of dead objects is. You can’t help but see a parody of the genre still lifes and a reminiscent of the Dadaism with the negation of classical art trends in Spoerri work.

“” “The irony lies in the fact that he consumed that model” itself as artwork prints, a coated natural loyalty “and reality” the image. Due to the real objects, it is a three-dimensional work. The three-dimensional objects cause a relief effect. A such collage with the mounting of objects on a plate as a base is called assemblage. This work is a tableau piege, to german a fall picture (tableau paintings, piege case). A piece of reality attaches as caught in a trap. Fall images are material with Objektmontagen. Fall images are developed assemblages by Spoerri. With these works of art, Spoerri founded the style eat art. It aims artistically to hold real aspects of the everyday world. The items are mounted with synthetic resin. in 1960, Spoerri, one of the founders of the Nouveau Realisme was. The target This group was: the real with a new ability of perception to approach. To the creation of the artwork s restaurant de la city-Galerie (dat. 25 Sept. 1966 music wrong, would be 1965) RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff

Aug 11th, 2015 by thesuper

This restaurant is one of my temples sacred to those who usually go on weekends (Sunday closed) to eat a plate of Octopus, a serving of pie that Friday is of squid in its ink, a plate of cheese and toasted bread with tomato canapes crushed an anchovy of truth a boqueron as God commands and a few red peppers handmade. Lo conoci searching, this you take it in the bar accompanied by well an Albarino or Ribeiro broth or a chilled Estrella Galicia beer. If after this you still have site in your stomach you can finish off the move with a few good crepes, Tarta de Santiago, Tocino de Cielo and if then you take an orujo liquor already you’ve done the duties of the day. If you want to see more details enter your website where you will find the rich delicacies served in the temple, or enters, where you can register and vote for your restaurantse Favorites, as well as to find hundreds of restaurants, and entire Park Spain is an almost impossible task, but however there is a public parking a few metres where there is not always site, but if you find it and eat in the restaurant you will leave you free..

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