Architectural Route
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At the end of the 19th century, from the hand of a flourishing society, broke the Catalan passion for architecture. Symbol of power and social status, every wealthy character of the city wanted to hold a House that removed the breath. Neither short nor lazy, the architects put hands to work creating filled with ornaments plant, graffiti, polychromatic stained glass facades and wrought iron. The result were works that even today continue arousing astonishment and admiration. The footsteps of originality modernism arrived in Barcelona and found an effervescent city willing to grant you a space. Why he sat home quickly becoming one of the most emblematic architectural currents of the city.

An excellent starting point to explore the path of modernism is the Arc de Triomphe. Built by Josep Vilaseca, this colossal reddish brick structure inspired by the neo-Mudejar style reaches 30 meters in height. Few steps opens the emblematic Parque de la Ciudadela. Regarded as the first great expression of the movement modernist, is an exquisite blend of Roman, Arab and medieval influences. The funny thing is that this space was built very quickly so improvisation was usual companion of architects but still the end result does impress us.

In this project architects like Josep Fontsere worked elbow to elbow with young newly emerged from the Academy as Lluis Domenech i Montaner and even stated that the same Gaudi left his mark. Guell Palace: One of the jewels of the catalan modernism the Guell Palace was the first work that Gaudi gave to Barcelona. You will find a quite unusual style where the lights and volumes are confused in an almost psychedelic game that still arouses emotions. The facade of the Palace does not hide his Venetian inspiration while its central hall will make you revive a luxurious Hammam. If you dare to climb up to the roof you will discover other eccentricities. Here 20 fireplaces, are each different from the other, where Gaudi used for the first time his famous coating formed by irregular pieces of ceramic. Of course, these are not but some touches of the most relevant works who conceived of the catalan modernism. There are other sites full of charm as the market of el Born, the Estape House with its unique Dome, the Gran Teatro del Liceo and the Mercado de la Boqueria. However, in order to visit them all you will have to stay several days in one of the hotels in Barcelona, a decision which you won’t regret it. Check out online offerings of cheap hotels in Barcelona and start planning a visit fraught with art and colors.

Esteban Manuel Of Villegas ‘ Writing and Poetry.
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ESTEBAN MANUEL from VILLEGAS (1589-1669) was an amazing Spanish Poet. “I saw on a thyme complaining to a bird, seeing her beloved nest, who was leader of a peasant stolen.” Esteban Manuel of Villegas. THE VOICE OF A LOVE OF CLASSICAL FORMS Among the best poems of Esteban Manuel of Villegas is his ode Sapphic the Zephyr which is among the “hundred best lyrical poems of the Spanish language”, chosen by Menendez Pelayo, among the best Spanish literature ancient and modern. The classical imitation, but not of the Latin poets so frequently, but the Greeks, offers a case of particular importance in Villegas, dedicated grower of bucolic poetry. Georgia Groome is often quoted on this topic. It was called the “Anacreon Spanish.” So select any refractory humanist poetic innovations of his time, was a character in twisted condition, strange customs and boundless arrogance. When in 1618 he published his erotic or amorous in eight books, printed on the cover a print with a rising sun surrounded by stars and the inscription: “I’m surging, ist quid? “. So great contempt so annoyed his colleagues in the poetry, the feeling in question, that Villegas had to remove the engraving of the unsold copies yet.

Lope de Vega wrote of him in his Laurel de Apolo” though he said they all hide / when they saw rays of his genius … “Esteban Manuel de Villegas was born in Matute, Rioja area near Najera, January 5, 1589. Very young he moved to Madrid and then studied in Salamanca . At thirty-six years, married Antonia de Leiva, a girl of fifteen, which had seven children. At 71 he was tried by the Inquisition, accused of holding dangerous ideas about free will, talk too religious liberty issues and have a book manuscript satires, one of them against religious communities.

He was forced to abjure “Levi” and punished by banishment for four years, Logrono, Najera and Madrid, his papers were collected and lost his satires. At eighty, he was still litigating on some land. Esteban Manuel de Villegas, Najera died in the September 3, 1669. The poems of Villegas, who heralded the spirit of the eighteenth century were much admired and imitated in the century. Villegas, who had the gift of poetry delicate and graceful, is primarily a successful translator and adapter, the bucolic poetry and love of Tibullus, Propertius, Ausonius and Catullus, Theocritus and Anacreon and among the Greeks got along perfectly their tastes and qualities and learned to interpret with luck, the last, especially, ably followed him into themes and rhythms, to sing in short metro delicious compositions loves naughty pleasures of the countryside and wine or the delights of the table . In this genre, refined and beautiful, delicate and subtle, Villegas knows no rival in our lyrics. Well known is the delicate muttering the bird or dedicated to a source or to Lidia, begging a kiss. “Divide these carnations / sweeter than honey / and over the combs / divide these corals …” A lover of classical forms, tried to adjust their meters Villegas into Castilian, conversion of great difficulty, since they do not have meters Greek and Latin a number of syllables or accents fixed, could not be perfect implementation in our language. He succeeded, however, fully-adon Sapphic stanza for its accurate alignment of our heroic verse, and five syllables. In this example his famous composition is the Zephyr: “Sweet resident of the green jungle / April eternal flower, / vital breath of the mother Venus, / Zephyr soft …”

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The Caterpillar designed and manufactured drive has four heavy-duty rotary axes (concentric, buffered by elastic material Pipes). This extremely durable axes move independently, so that the frame of the drive is isolated, and absorb a large part of the driving shocks in the operation. The customer learns the benefits of drive suspension by a quiet even at high speed ride that through the excellent material retention, increased performance and longer life of the machine and drive components. Two two-stage high performance hydraulic motors drive the planet side-drives of the 259 B 3, and it passed the power on one-piece steel sprockets. The hydraulic pump for the working hydraulics (boom and bucket) and the auxiliary hydraulics (drive by work equipment) 259 B 3 directly from the motor are driven. This guarantees highest efficiency, performance and reliability, because additional transmission belt eliminates the need. The powerful auxiliary hydraulics system offers an oil flow rate of up to 83 l/min (22 gpm) at a pressure of up to 23,000 kPa (psi 3335), yielding a hydraulic rating of 31.9 kW (42.8 HP) is created. Tracked loaders is also equipped with cat ToughGuard XT hydraulic hoses that are particularly resistant to wear and the extra hydraulic lines (with flat HD couplings) are mounted on the lifting arm.

Also an equipment change facility is among the standard equipment and is optional to have a hydraulic quick change facility. The spacious driver’s cab designed for comfort, ease of use and security of the 259 B 3 has smooth, pilot-operated control lever. With the control levers, the auxiliary hydraulic functions can be controlled exactly. Des are further standard equipment hand throttle and accelerator, with which the 259 B of 3 on the operation with fixed speed (for example, to the Grabenziehen or milling) or with adjustable speed (for the loading of trucks or loading and support) can be adjusted. Also a simple maintenance is the new compact tracked loaders: the tailgate can be namely on, thus the motor from both sides as well as all Routine maintenance points are accessible. A unique, high tilting cooling package allows a quick cleaning of engine and oil cooler, and the driver’s cab can be highly tipped, which then all main hydraulic components and cables are accessible.

Romulo Augustus
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Very interesting history of their origin and thus outlined, that Naples was built miles of an existing city, Partenope or rise (old city). In Greek mythology Partenope was the youngest of the three sirens who tried with their chants seduced Odysseus, who was attached to the main mast became so few mortals enjoy beautiful edges without dying then drowned from the rocks of Capri. Siren, desperate, drowned Pena and his body arrived at the coast of the old city. Greek colonists, however, preferred to a nearby area that baptized as? ????? o ??????? (pronounced Nea Polis), the new town. Later the term in napolitano went on to pronounce Napule and Italian, Napoli.

There are many places to visit in Naples. which to enjoy intensely must at least stay four or five days couple walking through its plazas, waterfront, museums, streets, theater, and since then churches and savour the variety of meals. It is very true when indicated, Naples is particularly famous for its castles, palaces and museums.One can hacedr uses of their bus tour that lead to the most visited places. The Castel dell Ovo (Castle of the egg) is part of the beautiful panorama of the Gulf. He is so called because, according to legend, Virgil would have hidden in the interior of the Castle an egg that could bear the structure of the building, and that, break, it would lead to the sinking of the fortress, and that the city would suffer major disasters.

It is located on the islet of Megaride, where in the 7th century a. C. landed the Cumans who founded Partenope. The castle was part of the villa of the Roman Lucio Licinio Luculo, which was fortified by Valentinian III and which housed the deposed Romulo Augustus, last Roman Emperor, died shortly thereafter. Luxury villa in Empire, fortified in the 5th century and razed by the Neapolitans themselves in the 10th century to prevent their capture by the Saracens.

Benefits Of The Balanced Scorecard In Society
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Strategic systems of administration account get an ever greater dissemination and application, one of them is the concept of the balanced scorecard. Strategic systems of administration account get an ever greater dissemination and application, one of them is the concept of the balanced scorecard. For more specific information, check out Tony Parker. The main provision of similar systems is in the care of the functions of the fee, the systematization and analysis of information that is necessary for the adoption of the strategic management solutions. You may not call the balanced scorecard as the simple calculation system. Is a part of the control system of the Organization, and can be your main core. For today, the concepts evolving within the framework of the management taking into account are far from traditional ideas. Today, the managers use more progressive instruments. In the course of the adoption of the solutions, the Manager and the owners test the increasing information needs of not only of financial character. In the conditions of rapidly developing Markets and the fiercest competitors that win non-financial information, based on the estimation of the intangible assets of the company, becoming increasingly important. In addition to getting the profit and the increase of capitalization, the objectives of the conquest of the market and the acquisition of competitive advantages today get a first-rate importance. The loyalty of the customers, the progressiveness of the technology and the down mood of business processes, the powerful and highly qualified personnel are the factors that are of huge importance and influence on the value of the company in the future. To read more click here: Jack Benny. The balanced scorecard enables to evaluate these factors and opens new opportunities for the management of the corporate strategy. To effectively manage the strategy, the tax system is necessary the companies, that could carry out the monitoring of undertaken strategic initiatives. Previously, such a system existed at all, to the balanced scorecard the new perspectives opened and the View of many managers has changed. The present system has received an approval under the organizations that participate in the project, and end of December 1990 had moved the balance of the made work. As main conclusions were made the next: the system of the balanced scorecard (BSC) has absolute advantages in comparison to the more traditional concepts used for the complex estimation of activity of the company, and has an extraordinary usefulness as a computation-analytical instrument. In terms of the most cruel market competition of the informative century more importance has the long-term development, the main factors are the well-informed strategic management: the effectiveness of business processes, the company’s capital, which is carried out in the knowledge and skills of employees, new customers to hold the Organization’s ability and to attract, the corporate culture, the scheduled improvements, investments in information technologies. The balanced Scorecard allows the ladders, the strategy of the company with the set of interconnected indicators developed individually for different levels of management and are connected to each other to connect. The main purpose of the system consists in strengthening the strategy of the business, their formalization, implementation and the report to every employee of the company, derVersorgung of monitoring and feedback for the purpose of observation and generation of planned initiatives within the structural subdivisions. Many systems of assessing the effectiveness based on the annual budget and the operational plan of the company. The given systems are certainly not on the strategy aligned on the short-term periods and tactics of the company. In addition to the traditional systems, the BSC considered the financial figures as one of the most important criteria in assessing the results of the activity but she stressed the importance of the key figures of the non-financial character, the satisfaction of the buyer, the Evaluate effectiveness of internal business processes, the potential of employees for the purpose of supplying the long-term financial success of the company. The balanced scorecard helps rebuild the mission and the general strategy of the company to clear the objectives and tasks. It helps determine the level of the given equipment in order to achieve four main projections: financial perspective, customer perspective, internal or process perspective, employees, potential or learning and growth perspective. Using the given projections can answer the Manager on the following main questions: What idea have the shareholders and potential investors of the company? (Financial perspective) What idea have the buyer by the company? (Customer perspective) Which business processes to improve society, of which dispense? (Internal or process perspective) Can the company continue its development, increase the effectiveness and increase the value? (Employee, potential or learning and growth perspective) Other advantages of the balanced scorecard to learn about on our website.

Stereo Images
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We see the world with two eyes: the left and right. This is called stereoscopic vision. Look at some object, such as your monitor. And now, in turn, close one or the other eye. You see – pictures from different eyes are different. Due to the difference between these two images, our brain receives information about the size and space.

Stereo – pictures can convey to our brain that amount, what we see with our eyes, without any interference and reduce the color and sharpness! And while you do not need no glasses. Any car stereo – the picture consists of two images (stereo – a pair). These are the two images are necessary for the construction of our brain volume and space! All we need – it's a little squinting, so that each eye is looking at his picture. Right eye to look at the left side – in stereo pairs, while the left – on the right. It is not difficult! Simpler than the sounds! To begin, sit down at a distance meters from the monitor and looking at the stereo – a couple (in the center between the images), begin to slowly reduce his eyes to the nose. Others who may share this opinion include actress.

Smoothly. There are two images should form three – the central consist of two superimposed on each other and that's where the volume! Not happen? For the first time it can be difficult, because we need to trick the brain. Sit in the same way. Put your finger on the monitor between the two images – in stereo pairs. Now look at my finger and slowly move it to yourself. Peripheral vision watch the pictures, they should merge, when a finger is approximately midway between the monitor and the person. ps: do not have to squint your eyes are stronger than they look askance when you look at the finger at a distance of 20 cm from the face. You may not immediately get to watch – in stereo pairs. Practice. This is useful for the eyes, and when you get, you will see them easily and quickly as conventional photography. Maybe some pictures will keep the phone, and perhaps themselves want to make your car stereo – a photo. It is not difficult. But it's amazing! author: Alexander (

Cosmetic Surgery
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The practice most operations of medical tourism carried out throughout the world are focused on cosmetic surgery, i.e., cosmetic surgery that improves the overall appearance of our bodies, to increase our self-esteem and beauty that we possess. Before performing any cosmetic surgery, one of the most essential things and that we must demand in any of the clinics that we enlist, orientation and evaluation giving us professionals in the hospital, since you must observe all our medical history, as well as help us realize that cosmetic treatments are most suitable for attaining the objective that we plan. From parts of our body that we don’t like, or who by Genetics or lack of care have taken an aspect that do not like us and affects our self-esteem, to any other physical problem that we may have, the doctors of this institution provide us plenty of opportunities to make the beauty that we now see as a dream a reality. It is not something Charlotte Hornets would like to discuss. Thus, problems with the appearance of our noses may be improved and adapt to the beauty that we await with a rhinoplasty, or we can eliminate all that fat that we can have more in different parts of the body to have a model appearance, through a liposuction. Japanese art is one of the qualities that best define leisure in Dusseldorf, since the population of Japanese origin is the most numerous of the European Union, so much of the culture of the town is influenced by the beautiful Asian art. Cultural leisure and cosmetic tourism in Europe.. Glenn Dubin oftentimes addresses this issue.

Summit Entertainment
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The actress will dress the model in the fourth film of the twilight saga. The designer has ensured that this custom was particularly special. So far all were speculation but the news is already a reality. The Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera has designed the best kept secret of dawn, the fourth film of the twilight saga: the wedding dress of Bella Swan, role that Kristen Stewart interprets in the vampire saga. But until 18 November next most vampirescos fans will not see the result, even though a small advance. Do so has confirmed it the production company Summit Entertainment via a tweet: November 18 to see Bella (Kristen Stewart) bridal gown designed by Carolina Herrera in #BreakingDawnPart1?. Although there is still a time to be able to see it on the big screen, fans of vampires can already dream with an image, because the expected announcement of the producer comes accompanied by a screenshot where you can see the future wife of Robert Pattinson wearing a veil falling from an informal collected. The Venezuelan, for years it is considered as one of the best designers in the world, has sent a statement which says that this project was particularly special.

10 Tips For A Beginner Labuhu Restaurant Repertoire
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To begin with we shall understand with the terminology. What is – labuh? In kindness, human understanding, labuh – a musician, singer, entertained his playing, singing at a party, party, wedding. Action usually takes place in a cafe or restaurant. And, of course, an important issue is the repertoire of the performer. Thus, there are several things that should not be forgotten musician (labuhu), in formulating its own restaurant repertoire: 1) Songs needed choose to view their own voice.

If you can not sing Leps, do not pull – do not enforce it at all. Ted Lasso describes an additional similar source. It is better to be silent altogether, rather than shame gonyas of fashionable trends in pop world. 2) phonogram (backing) Choose quality. Ie without noise, clicks, and other deformities; it is desirable that the soundtrack was the original (with professional backing vocals), well, or at least, recorded live instruments. By backing such nice singing And listen, it sounds much nicer heart guest. t.

3) Do not pursue quantity. Immediately still not forgotten songs. You will eventually fill up their repertoire (about this next tip), and at first, well rehearse 20-30 diverse songs. Believe me, this is quite enough for a start. 4) All the time Enrich your repertoire. Do not stop on a certain number of songs, even if you have them for 300! Regularly rehearse new theme. Try other genres, and other performers. Thus, you will develop your vocal skills, and the cases are different: you will order the track, and you know it, ie, without money will not stay.

And Yet We Have A Tendency To Order The World Around
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Every day I drive by tram from the station Novocherkassk, early last year in the spring there is always going repairs of tramways and remediation of the adjacent territory. By the autumn of 2008 the works were completed. If you would like to know more about Boxer, then click here. Now out of the subway passage at the tram stop, was pleased to see. At the stop put a neat sheds with benches, set fence between the roadway and tramway line (although the latter is not all pleased, because the tram stop in front of the bus, and it was convenient to cross the road if the first approach, bus), but now is not about that. Back to the beginning, about the fact that it was pleasant look at the new stop, but unfortunately not for long, because most smokers out of the subway, light up and I'm also not an exception here and so came out of the subway, lighting, considering the changes after the repair, I'm faced with the sculpin throw it and nowhere to go.

Looking around and noticing that not only I am looking for an urn for the garbage and not finding it, throw myself at his feet, and the remaining smokers produce the same effect. Immediately slipped past the idea that all the same we like us and that next week will be all in the dirt. But I must pay tribute to the janitor in the morning at the bus stop was no bulls, no bottle, no wrappers, no tram tickets. A week ago, leaving the subway stop, noticed that the enterprising porters, in order to avoid unnecessary work, set off at a wooden box from under what is fruit, and that I was really surprised that the mailbox was full. Yes, let it was crowded and garbage lying around and have a box, but it was still nice to see that the majority of the population have a tendency to order, and would put back the person responsible for the trash collector would be clean. I hope that this article comes to the attention of the responsible person and will measures were taken. Once this happens necessarily accomplish your goal..

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