Large Format Printing
Jun 14th, 2023 by thesuper

On the application of large-format printing can be divided into the following types: large-format outdoor printing, large format printing of posters of any dimension; interior large format printing. Significant difference between interior and exterior products is the quality (resolution) printed. Print Resolution 360 dpi – this production, which in most cases is placed on the street (the viewing distance of 5 meters). These objects can be include: advertising banners and billboards. Print Resolution 720 dpi (viewing distance of such advertising by half a meter). A leading source for info: Gina Bonati. Inherent in such advertising more realistic, almost as if fotopechati. large format printing the highest resolution -1440 dpi.

I can safely say that it is printing, only a large scale. Such a facility ads present vivid and realistic, vibrant colors. The application of this quality helps draw advertising in the form of posters, posters and decorations. In general, the process of creating large-format printing involves the transfer of images from electronic media to paper or other material by means of special equipment without intermediate preparatory stages. The principle remains the same as a conventional desktop printer. Large-format printing can be different – offset, inkjet, xerographic.

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