Greening Design
Jan 22nd, 2024 by thesuper

Professional fitodizaynery make as internal landscaping and exterior landscaping. 1) the external landscaping (another street) – landscaping diverse level design of lawns and flower beds near the office, home, but avoiding heavy landscaping job. 2) the internal landscaping – design ornamental plants of various interiors – interior decoration and office, and restaurants and apartments and houses, and cafes. Greening suggests design, drafting. Fitodizayner finds a potential space, taking into account the evaluation of the customer, offers ornamental plants.

Order – drawn version of tracks – allegedly – and planting starts created. The result – a modern interior landscaping, or exterior landscaping (street). Vertical gardening – the new project of 'Green Interior', which is increasingly in demand among our customers, ordering greening the office or holiday home. By the same author: actress. eams-and-Boards’>Paul Daversa. In order to revitalize the interior of a large office, a landscaping on the street (for example, draw the outer wall of the building or the arch), it suffices to refer to specialists company 'Green Interior', which can carry out different landscaping of any object. Tony Parker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Vertical gardening can be done as the use of living plants, and using their synthetic analogues – to such resort option if the vertical gardening should make you happy all year round, not just during the warmer months.

Indeed, in some seasons vertical gardening outdoors is impossible – in this case and have resorted to artificial vines, a variety of loach. Greening of an entire wall of any size – no problem. Specialists Studios phyto 'Green Interior' have modern technology to allow a vertical landscaping at the highest level, to strengthen the plants on almost any surface using multiple mounting options to suit you. Our specialists are conducting the landscaping, with pleasure will go to any object, to advise you, provide a design project and implement the greening of your dreams!

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