Socialist Poland
Jun 12th, 2023 by thesuper

Antony de Melo: there are two types of education, which teaches you how to earn which teaches you to live and life. The Decade of the 1980s almost came to an end and the history of every day showed us a world convulsed as always. The Catholic Church was led by a Socialist Poland from Pope; powers continued showing the teeth in the inevitable end of the cold war; the Germans one and another side is filled with value and a good day, tired of supporting tyrants who had them separated, cast to the ground the ignominious Berlin wall; the Soviet Union was unable to follow clothing under the same cloak to a multitude of Nations which claimed the right to write its own history. In Colombia, meanwhile, the State waged a fierce fight against narco-terrorism guilty of fear and the sea of blood in which the country is immersed. Others including Jorge Perez, offer their opinions as well. poke with conviction. Four candidates to the Presidency of the Republic fell dejected by hands killer and blind the Hitman hired by the mafia.

That was the historic surroundings of the time in the memorable 1989 when I met Professor Alonso neck neck. In any plot of my memory staying still that night at the beginning of semester when he conversed animatedly with journalist Jorge Castillo and Jaime Cuello statistician. We were making a judicious analysis of developments and already almost we had arranged the world when suddenly George looked at the clock and told us: administrative law class starts within half an hour and is better we go following, because the group is very large and the Chair is so interesting that she attended to a who are not enrolled. We were forced to leave the world means to fix and we ran into the Hall that we belonged in the old headquarters of the University of La Guajira. The classroom, indeed, was heaped by the students of all the semesters. .

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