1894 – 1930
March 3rd, 2010 by thesuper

1894 – 1930 In 1984 the bank made changes in its structure, forming a large modern institution. Besides the deposits of businesses and individuals, his office began to provide short-term loans to industry and merchants. They also began placing shares and the issuance of bonds in France and Russia. The acquisition of shares has become a more secondary activity. The excellent financial health of the company allowed it to expand its shareholder structure. In 1895, Soci t G n rale had 14,000 shareholders, in 1913 they numbered 122,000. The war years were difficult and had serious consequences and resulted in the loss of business in Russia. However, during the 20’s Soci t G n rale became the leading bank in France: its network had grown sharply since 1890, with a number of offices that allowed great insight into the provinces. The number of branches rose from 1,005 in 1913 to 1457 in 1933.Thanks to the dynamism of the board members ahead of Cr dit Lyonnais in deposits and loans between 1921 and 1928. To satisfy the requirements of its investors, Societe Generale created a subsidiary, Calif., specializes in medium-term loans in 1928.

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