Andrei Kovalev
May 31st, 2024 by thesuper

– friends will not soon will, some guarantors – sadly sighs hero Andrei Kovalev A few minutes later again about the money: "It's like that go to the parent meeting without money." The original style of narration – the axis of headache from yesterday's spree strung all: life, death, love, hate holiday in Turkey, office, blonde, all that goes through our head every second. From the main line of the hero in some places leaves and comes back again, creating a layered cake. And the moment he suddenly becomes serious, comes from the play, ruining the images of cute and dialogues, producing director and author remarks in the hall. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robbie Lawler. Andrei Kovalev gives advice and does not put the issues, the problem of the play completely in the wrong. Hero of the interest of his life here and now, and the audience instantly projects going on themselves. San Antonio Spurs will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

"Little" people thinking about life, about yourself, for others, and, despite some cynicism assessments in their own way they loved dearly. Andrei Kovalev brings to the stage what us once or would not like to think, or do we think about this evening, just before bedtime, summing up the day. Mostly, it becomes a shrill lyrical, to microscopic tears in the corner of his eyes when he talks about first love, about lonely old people (" how terrible aging in this country "). Learn more at: Glenn Dubin. But this is only for a moment, modern man has no time and space on sentiment – the office manager and costume name. Hero Andrei Kovalev missing stars from heaven, he small but not too much, almost like chaplinovsky hero, he is not afraid to be funny, like this we are afraid.

We – all that has incorporated in it alone. Therefore, every five minutes to go Hall bouts of laughter. We understand and funny, this is a Each of us was there, but there is an opportunity not to be funny – for all the sweat alone. I saw the spectators, leaving the hall, sent to the cashier to buy a ticket and watch a play again – not this author and actor good luck. How not to say, but the audience voted for the successful performance of the ruble, which means – "The day is full of life" is going to look at.

Etruscans Gladiators
Nov 26th, 2021 by thesuper

Probably everyone knows from an early age what the Coliseum and who are the gladiators. Understanding of these concepts can be a little different, but most likely the difference is not significant. For example, if someone say that the Coliseum gladiators fought to the death, then each student will say that this man is right in his statement. Opinions may differ only in how all this action takes place. Tony Parker contains valuable tech resources. How did actually passed a fight between gladiators? Did gladiators by individuals? Uniquely scientists can not answer, mainly because little is sources of information at the time, which could be considered less reliable. Try to understand, based on those facts that are already proven and in many respects, undisputed. Rome in the era of its early development was already densely populated.

Residents were a pretty motley lot of people having, as a rule, different interests. What unites them except that they were the Romans? Most likely – nothing! Therefore, we can assume that it is the construction of amphitheaters and arranging of games has become one of the common interests (If not only) by the Romans. Log in any amphitheater at the time was free, was not, as now we would say, Face control. That is, the game came young and old and rich and poor, patrician and plebeian. This whole crowd on the stage its development required a single – 'bread and circuses'. Under the shows, I think, they imagined battles between gladiators and fights with wild animals. Gladiatorial combat was borrowed from the tribe of the Etruscans and was an important part of the funeral rites, the Romans conquered the tribe.

Greek Theatre
Nov 16th, 2021 by thesuper

The techniques of performance have varied greatly throughout history and not always in a uniform manner. In the classic Western theater, such great actors, sacred monsters, tended to emphasize the emotions in order to highlight the content of the work, in the Commedia dell’Arte interpreter left rein to its instinct; the Japanese actors of the N? and kabuki, make patents certain States of mind through symbolic asset of great subtlety or deliberately exaggerated gestures. In the modern theater has been imposed generally naturalistic orientation, in which the actor through acquisition of bodily and psychological techniques and the study itself and the character, seeks to recreate onstage the personality of this. Such a choice, evolved in its fundamental features from the teachings of the Russian Konstantin Stanislavski and widespread in the cinematographic field, is certainly not the only one and ultimately the choice of an interpretive style depends on characteristics of the show and directions from the director. However, currently, at the beginning of the 21st century, the theatrical performance with naturalistic trend is being resubmitted seriously. Sela Ward is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The contemporary theatricality requires a critique of naturalism as simple reproduction of human behavior, but without ties with its surroundings. Currently there has been major transformations in the work of Stanislavski being the most important Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowsky etienne Decroux and Eugenio Barba. These techniques, currently extra daily calls involve a complex synthesis of the scenic signs. Strictly speaking, is understood by decorated environment that develops a dramatic representation, and scenery, the art of creating the sets. Today, it tends to introduce the concept of scenographic appliance to all elements that allow the creation of that environment, among which should be noted mainly to machinery or props and lighting. In antiquity, the scenery was conditioned to limitations technical and architectural, circumstance that was maintained throughout the middle ages. It was already to late Renaissance, and especially during the 17TH and 18th centuries, when the scenery began to acquire boost, thanks to the improvement of pictorial perspective, which allowed providing greater appearance of depth to the decor, and subsequently to the development of theatrical machinery.

In the 19th century, with the introduction of realistic drama, the decorations became the basic element of the representation. The discovery of the electric light, in the end, gave rise to the rise of the lighting. The footlights, which in principle were an accessory item, are poetically considered a symbol of theatrical art. Some contend that Charlotte Hornets shows great expertise in this. Closely linked with the scenic design, costumes were found always. At the Greek Theatre, the coarseness of the sets was compensated by means of masks tragic or comic and stylized tunics of the actors, whose purpose was to highlight the archetypal nature of the characters. During the Baroque and Neoclassicism became important makeup and costumes, although this was often employed anachronistic way is represented for example a work set in Rome with French clothes of the 17TH century until the appearance of realism. At present, the choice of attire is not but an element within the overall conception of the mounting. With this minimal reminiscence I think that somehow put on the table, the reality of the theater and its actors, that provoke us to attend the invitations of the House of the culture of Banos de Agua Santa, when it presents its events. The theatre day is celebrated on March 27. Original author and source of the article.

Dusseldorf MAVIS GmbH
Nov 6th, 2021 by thesuper

(Online article) – which can graze on canvas pop art cow ladies and the protagonists of the exclusive collection GREEN cattle low on canvas that are alive with their independent, unconventional and distinctive personalities living design hot on LED displays Lise Lotte and Frieda. Tony Parker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Tim Vogt (34), the self-proclaimed father of the GREEN cattle, and Nico Porges (38), write chronicler, have decided to carry the art and the message of women’s cow, which heralds the beginning of the green era, into the world. Target group for the GREEN cattle design are art lovers, cow sympathizers and people with a penchant for stylish, tasteful, and in responsible living and life. GREEN livestock even sees himself as interactive, product cross total creation. Nigel Slater may not feel the same. Consisting of the canvas image collection, the new LED limited display, various special editions, and all this connecting – the constantly developing story around the various characters of the cow. GREEN livestock takes the theme of nature in times of climate change on self-ironic and sympathetic manner and emphasized that an ecological awareness and joy of life does not need to mutually. Naughty, otherwise, sympathetic and thereby immensely individually the cows with style plod safe step in the footsteps of their pop idols Andy and Roy. The three subjects Lise Lotte and Frieda & friends are available in three different colours.

Whether in natural, green and pop GREEN cattle cow women’s images radiate vitality, optimism and joie de vivre. In the offer, the sizes are M (20 x 20 or 30x20cm) and L (90 x 90 cm or 130 x 90cm) and on request the XL variant consisting of four frames. The new LED display GREEN cattle – low in the light of art impresses with its luminous pop aesthetics. Even the smallest details, such as the blades of grass in the pasture of cattle or the numbers on the earmarks of cows open new insights into the world of GREEN cattle-loving nature. Those who opt for the display of Frieda & friends, receives all three colors at once. The basis for this is that innovative only 4, 5 cm depth M-Flex display system of Dusseldorf MAVIS GmbH. This is a frame to the three supplied and differently coloured Chuck prints by Frieda can be optionally applied. Eco-friendly LED lights provide lighting. GREEN livestock – low light is an interesting alternative to conventional wall decorations for challenging friends of tasteful residential designs. Nico Porges, chronicler of the GREEN cattle

And Jephthah
Nov 4th, 2021 by thesuper

This does not mean Dios need the strength of men to win any battle, but need the courage and the disposition of the man. Jephthah was the son of Gileade, but one day his brothers revolted against him, by him being the son of another woman, son of a prostitute, by having been generated out of the wedding, they did not accept that he had part in inheritance. This triggered, desentendimento and fights in the family that culminated with the escape of Jephthah, who was living in the town of Tobe.

Sometimes do not understand the reason, the cause of fights, as because of intrigues in families, but nothing happens by chance, everything has a reason, everything comes in the course of errors, if we look at the past we are going to find out the reason, and we find and notice, will have harmony and peace within our homes. In his escape Jephthah brought with him men levianos, disaggregated men’s society, that acompanadole left the city, and this enemy left the city even more enflaquecida, unprotected, front an eventual attack. The attack which came a few days later, because the children of Amun rose to fight against Israel..

“The Resin – A Winter
Oct 26th, 2021 by thesuper

Mathias Beck invites to the new photo exhibition. The many long awaited and long white Christmas joy has not fulfilled although in 2009 for most, but the wish came true after a neat, a proper winter. Throughout Germany 2010 shone in the wintry splendor. Winter Wonderland everywhere I looked. Naturally also the resin in the snow sank and what initially enjoyed young and old, has become a nightmare for many. Less for those who are at home in the Highlands, like the Halberstadt or the Quedlinburg, that are used, but for the urbanites”, many, especially older pedestrians and motorists. A winter picture book is an almost wistful look behind us, a time of crackling cold, meterhoher snowdrifts and frozen waters, also a time of peace and reverence for nature, with the anticipation in the heart on the spring. Mathias Beck: My photographic journey takes you from the romantic Selketal Ballenstedt, Castle Park about the Devil’s wall by Neinstedt-Timmenrode, to a brief flying visit to the world heritage town of Quedlinburg, up to the fabled Rosstrappe, fields and meadows in Friedrichsbrunn, and finally to the highest point of the Harz, the brocken.” “Caught up” was a winter as they thought him in our latitudes not been possible, with bitterly cold-20 C, frozen in the ice and snow-covered forests and meadows.

Crystals that clung to branches, leaves and fruit, every man for himself a small work of art. My pictures show frosty beauty and a landscape that holds, that slow down my steps can be in awe of this force that has changed now but again and spring shows unmistakable traces”, so Beck next. Mathias Beck: You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday, 30 March at 16:30. To deepen your understanding Vanessa Marcil is the source. Join me on my photographic journey in the winter resin.” The exhibition will be until June 21, 2010 in Office of ENWI in Halberstadt, Braunschweiger str. 87/88 instead.

On the Internet site, visitors on your own personal journey of discovery after interesting and moving subjects can go and deepen their impressions about the exhibition. Portrait: A look is the first way into the soul of another human. It is the chance to inspire someone to spark his interest, to touch, to encourage, to disturb, to provoke, to disappoint. We think and live in pictures – we have pictures for all – even our language cannot survive without them. How rare is aware, what precious commodity we have. What would miss us if we could not visualize our feelings, perceptions, and desires? I have photographed has always been fond. For two years, it has rather become an addiction. The searches for a very special feeling of happiness, inner satisfaction and recognition. Often looking for the slightly different image… An image which moves, touch – to the Incite thinking. Not more – not less – sometimes a long way… Mathias Beck, Steigerwald route 14, 06502 Thale phone: 03947 / 499726

Morgan Chase
Sep 9th, 2021 by thesuper

According to JPMorgan Chase (JPM:NYSE) inflation in Venezuela can reach the end of this year to 30%. But we must not believe that the inflation rate in Argentina is going to be very different from this value. What possibility is there of getting these economies in crisis? At the moment, revenues for its commodity exports, are protecting these countries in the event of a crisis. Rather, it would encourage me to think that the international bonanza that pass through, les is giving time to be able to turn the running of their economies towards more calm waters. But they must hurry to make a decision because the time goes by shortening them. At the moment, the attitude of the Venezuelan and Argentine Governments, seems to indicate that they are determined to deepen the policies that are being implemented from the beginning of their Governments (in the case of Cristina, from the beginning of the reign of her husband). It last Chavez in this regard was the decision last Thursday, of the nationalization of the cement industry in Venezuela.

In addition, Chavez announced that it be limited to entrepreneurs to export raw materials needed to cope with shortage of housing in the country. In the Venezuelan cement market, the Mexican Cemex controls almost half of it, while the rest is in the hands of the French Lafarge and the Switzerland Ltd.-Holcim previously had already nationalized oil projects, electricity companies and the largest company of the country, CANTV telephone. But Chavez estatizadota policy has an additional problem for the Venezuelan economy and shows what can happen when the mechanisms of market economy (on which continues to operate Venezuela) break. What happens with the oil sector is just one example that German graph in this way: blocks are assigned to a set of mostly State-owned enterprises, which do not have the know-how or expertise in the production, management, improvement and commercialization of extra heavy crude. .

Fortune Magazine
Aug 26th, 2020 by thesuper

The Fortune Magazine removed its annual list from the richest people of the world. Bill Gates de Microsoft still is first in the list, five members of the Walton family are including within the list of wealthiest of the world. How important it is to learn of the last words of the founder of Walmart, Mr. Sam Walton, that in his I milk of death pronounced his last words. It had given his life by his business, nevertheless, had a cost.

Almost never he shared time with his wife, his children, nor with his grandsons. One did not allow moments for sharing, to embrace a grandson, to play, to laugh and to enjoy meetings its dear beings. Its final words: " I ruined it! ". It had trillions but according to its own recognition when doing the balance of its life simply failed. Einstein commented: " You do not deal with convertirte in a success man, it tries, in time, to get to be a person with valores". And that, even for Einstein, was not relative – but an absolute truth that absorbed surely it of its judaica inheritance. King Salomon in Kohelet (Eclesiasts) warns to us: " There is a serious one badly that I have seen under the sun: the wealth kept by its owner in his perjuicio" , since the money is a test the human being and those are not many that leave windy the same.The Jafez Jaim compares to that runs behind the money with a minister of the king who was customary a to eat best manjares, to take the drinks most important and to delight with the best pleasures of the world. He did not deprive myself don’t mention it and their crew members made their will completely. Feeling made the omnipotent it rebel himself against the king, who decided to give a punishment which serves as a public example him: they hung it in a high tower inclined towards the abyss that appeared on its feet.

Presiding Bishop
Dec 8th, 2018 by thesuper

respectively for V2-“Liturgies” such as “Carnival fairs”, “Techno trade fairs”, Pronounce “Theatre measuring” etc. Nevertheless, even radical renunciation of Christianity remains cemented in the particular V2 founding statutes. At best the way to apostasy may be “conservative” or “progressive”. Either is more insidious but probably the former, because then when the (self-), more effort was operated. In the Catholic Church, the Catholic faith is preserved unaltered; in the V2 group, however, the Catholic faith is incessantly distorted. That the truth is absolutely unchangeable, is already an absolutely compelling evidence of basic logic. Accordingly, the Unchangeableness of Catholic doctrine is an explicit dogma (Denzinger Schonmetzer, Enchiridion Symbolorum, Nr. 3043).

Jesus Christ remains the same “yesterday and today and for ever” (Heb 13,8). However, V2 is “always change.” The abolition of the Catholic Liturgy through–usually sacramentally invalid – “Novus Ordo” is therefore also “consequently” as the resulting in turn always ridiculous further variations this “Novus Ordo”in the above mentioned”Carnival fairs”etc. In particular the “World Youth Day” with the V2-“Popes” since Karol Wojtyla (“Pope John Paul II.”) are massive manifestations of waste from Christianity, which then arguably “conservative” publicly to Satanic inspired rock music dancing around. According to Lohmann INSA Feye, editor and Chief of the service (CvD) of Rotary sets magazine in issue 4/2013 after (“Francis – the new Pope and Rotary”): the new Pope, then Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, was appointed the honorary Rotarians of RC Buenos Aires and received the silver Laurel Prize in 2005 the Club as “Person of the year”. … Also in Germany, many representatives of the Catholic and Protestant churches have received in recent years honorary membership in a Rotary Club. These include Karl Kardinal Lehmann, Bishop of Mainz, Reinhard Cardinal Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Heinz Josef Algermissen, Bishop of Fulda, and Johannes Friedrich, former Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria.” Karl Lehmann was “contrary to the animal seriousness” of the Aachen Karnevalsvereins GAB 2005 the 55th Knight.

Doctor Faustus
Jun 10th, 2016 by thesuper

'In other words – writes Piatigorsky – completely agree with Wittgenstein, that 'truth' – a word that has no other meaning than that, what does it mean, and strongly disagreeing with Marxism, stating that truth is historical, post-modernists see it (Truth – BR) only as a word, as part of the text, as in the end, the text itself. Text instead of history. History – neither more nor less than the history of reading the text (here in the article Piatigorsky so characteristic of the meanings of words game AP 'History' as the English. history 'history' and as English. story 'story, tale, story'). In general, storytelling (stories) – one of the major myths P.

Thus, Fredric Jameson, the American theorist, P., writes that even representatives of the natural Science Physics' tell stories about the nuclear particles. " Jameson, the message in general agreement with what the philosophers say, physics (see the principle of subsidiarity), depending on the experiment from the experimenter, etc. A modern physicist Ilya Prigogine and Isabelle Stengers his co-author in a joint essay, 'A new alliance: The Metamorphosis of Science' writes: 'Among the rich and diverse set of cognitive science, our practice is unique position of the poetic listening to the world – in the etymological sense of the term in which the poet is the creator, – the position of an active, manipulative, and thoughtful investigation of nature, able to hear and so reproduce her voice '(quoted in the book. Ilya Ilyin, given in the bibliography). When the AP was born? The most common view is that he has emerged as a crisis in classical modernism in the late 1930s. and that the first work of P. Joyce is a novel 'Finnegans Wake' (see also 'The Glass Bead Game', 'The Master and Margarita', 'Doctor Faustus'). The irony in all these works won serious contemporary tragedy, such as for example, which is typical texts of Kafka.

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