Ana Olmpia
December 1st, 2021 by thesuper

The proper name in them indicates the amplitude of its content, therefore nation is not afeita the territorial limits, but yes the collective feeling; Creole sends in them to the mestization. Mestizo is one another citizen that if constitutes from two distinct citizens, keeping in itself elements of each one, but that he consists in one third distinct voice of formed that it. Fradique Mendes, in contrast of what they had made its ancestral colonizadores, was dislocated for is of the center, ‘ ‘ calibanizou-se’ ‘. It is in this condition, of hybrid, intermediate citizen the center enters from where the edge comes and which gradual if integrates, on board a slave ship called Creole Nation, that Fradique folloies the former-slave Ana Olmpia in escape for Brazil. ‘ ‘ I disembarked yesterday in Luanda to the coasts of two cabindanos sailors. Shot for the beach, wet and humiliated, then it assaulted me the inquietante feeling there of that it had left stops backwards proper mundo’ ‘ (AGUALUSA, 2001, P.

11). Unhappyly Portugal is spread, does not colonize. We are thus while nation, one form of life more rudimentary than the Bacillus of Koch. Worse a stranger perversion makes with that the Portuguese where she wants that they arrive and we have sufficiently far fond, not only forget its mission civilizadora, that is colonizadora, but fast if they leave proper to civilize, that is to descivilizar. (AGUALUSA, 2001, P. 134) In the past, the trip is for it an exercise of elegant cosmopolitismo, but now it changeds itself into errncia.

The opposite of the house/native patriarcal is the displacement, loss of the fixidez of the place the end of the house. On board the Creole Nation, Fradique and Ana Olmpia erram for the Atlantic., the Creole Nation can be a beautiful metaphor of this Fradique in version after-colonial invented for Agualusa, of this species of calibanizado Prospero where the personage if goes transforming. What it takes in them to think about the particular identitrio game that Portugal established with its colonies In the three presented romances we perceive a characteristic in common that it is to assume of personages and/or historical events under the order of the problematizao of the conceived facts as ‘ ‘ verdadeiros’ ‘. That is, they are presented as romances historical and make the auto-reflection caused for the questioning of ‘ ‘ truths histricas’ ‘.

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