Andrew Corentt
November 3rd, 2021 by thesuper

Avoid all negative circumstances, such as the news, people or events that make you believe that the world is hard and cruel, this is false, some people they experience those ideas because they lend too much attention to the things that do not want to. Each event in our life is a reflection of who we really are, although things that our senses observe seem identical if two people, see them they are not, you can now see how people become rich, happy, spiritual and bring wonders to the universe. On the other hand perhaps there are people who are sinking into their own problems and grieving of thousands of things, but that is your own perception, is its State. Of which side you want to be you from the side of happiness or pain? I presume that happiness, in reality most side we want that, but we do not act in coherence with our desires, due to the negative beliefs that we have received for years. But the past lagged behind, although there are ways to modify it and you can know them, is not an easy task that I guarantee it, but you can, Andrew Corentt speaks to us of this in his book I’m happy, I’m Rico. But you should start a new life, full of great things, never allow peace to lose, start taking control of your emotions and consider big things, you are a being of great and unique, transform your life already..

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