Appendix: A Code ATC
May 14th, 2009 by thesuper

… achieve optimum health of the digestive system, liver and colon. … used in conjunction with the system or just as a dietary supplement maintenance. …
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The code or ATC Classification System Anatomical, Therapeutic, Chemical (ATC: Acronym of Anatomical, Therapeutic, Chemical classification system) is an index of pharmacological substances and drugs, organized according to treatment group. This system was instituted by the World Health Organization, and has been adopted in Europe. The code contains the system or body acting on the pharmacological effects, therapeutic indications and the drug’s chemical structure.
ATC code within the group A corresponds to the drugs on the digestive system and metabolism. … advantages to the skeletal system, digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems, the … once your metabolism also function as a dietary supplement. …
… stress and dietary changes can upset the digestive system. … Live well and discover your opportunity offers its independent Associates a host of opportunities. Enzyme supplements to improve digestion of protein. Enjoy life more and experience the rewards with optimal health system is designed to provide the body

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