Attached to the oil workers strike
January 21st, 2009 by thesuper

… Inventories of crude from the country to extract oil. … National debt, inflation: Saldran country’s currency to Quadrant Asset Management the country …
The stoppage came to a climax when affection for the state oil company, PDVSA. Thousands of employees left their jobs to join the strike.
The government at first denied that anything happened at PDVSA, but things became evident when, on December 5, the crew of the tanker Pilin Leon was declared in default and anchoring the vessel in the navigation channel of Lake Maracaibo. Soon other vessels’ carrying oil and its derivatives from extraction wells to refineries or to the distribution points or to other countries’ followed suit.
Accuse the government employees to commit sabotage against oil companies: destruction of equipment, automated systems that intervention ensured the distribution of oil and its derivatives, blocking several key technological services. Private companies that provided services to PDVSA, such as Intesa, also joined the strike.
An ironic Forbes aspect was that the government of the world’s fifth oil producer, had to import gasoline from Brazil and other countries. The rise in oil prices that has occurred in recent weeks is not … New York Business Leader the dollar against other currencies yesterday (29/11/2007) WTI crude under maximum …
Advantages of foreign currencies, gold and silver. CFDs What are CFDs’ … Crude petroleum product used for heating and generation of …
Currency is equivalent to 878 million 855 thousand barrels of crude oil, which … foreign exchange earned by exports of crude oil during this …

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