January 18th, 2013 by thesuper

Of this form, not only you will be fomenting its social and citizen competition, but its personal autonomy. Your small work group organizes It realises a familiar meeting, inviting cousins, uncles, grandparents and other family; and it raises a rain to them of ideas to protect of the contamination the place in which you live. Later they choose those that seem more appropriate to them and raise a small plan of work to carry out them. Often, to the children it costs to them to take care of the surroundings because simply, it does not seem to them that he is something that the others do. For that reason, conducting battle like which you we propose, you will give the force them and it brings back to consciousness to take care of the place in which they live, so that the people to whom can also enjoy want it. Since you will have realized, to work the basic competitions is much more easy than it seems.

It is not tried but to in this way organize and to adapt the actions that already we realised like adults to the world of your children to become them nearer, and, to foment its adhesion. To educate them from small in the social competition, will assure that their integration in society is easier and natural. For this reason, it is worth the trouble to try at least, once for week, to make them contributor of the cultural and intercultural life of its town, district or city. These are some ideas that are happened to me, nevertheless, the list of activities that can be realised are infinite. I only wait for haberte motivated so that you work this competition with your children, adapting them to your personal style. A greeting, Jenny War Hernandez

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