Berlin Band Jennifer Rostock
November 24th, 2014 by thesuper

More than half of the 5,000 tickets Hamburg is already sold (18.03.2010) – immerse yourself in the world of “New Moon” and rock out together with the stars – on April 10, Rostock, flying five band members of Livingston, Audrey Horne from Norway as well as the newcomers by I can and indica actress Bryce Dallas Howard, the trendy Berlin Band Jennifer celebrate with 5,000 fans at the big “new moon” fan event at the historic airport in Berlin-Tempelhof. VIVA star Collien Fernandes and her MTV colleague Joko Winterscheidt lead through the event. For the fans it is still exciting: A second star from the “new moon”-cast, which enters the stage of the hangar 2 at the side by Bryce Dallas Howard, will be announced is expected in the next ten days. The “Twilight”-community already strongly bitten to less than four weeks has the event is already over half of all tickets sold. Background: From July is Bryce Dallas Howard in the third part of the “Twilight” saga “Eclipse – twilight saga: Twilight” in their role as vengeful Blutsaugerin Victoria seek the beautiful Bella life before Bryce Dallas Howard will arrive but specially to the big “new moon” fan event on April 10 in Berlin from Hollywood, fans betrayed live on stage hot info from the shoot and celebrate until the vampire comes with a total of 5,000 “TWI-hards”. At the latest since she in “Terminator 3 redemption” was alongside Christian Bale and Sam Worthington for attention Schwarzenegger’s successor, is known to an audience of millions, but previously worked with renowned directors such as Lars von Trier, M. Night Shyamalan and Sam Raimi together and convinced critics and audiences with her acting performances in “The village is the village”, “Manderlay”, “The girl out of the water” and “Spider-Man 3”. Many ‘ Twilight ‘ fans are looking forward to the “new moon” fan event since the first announcement in February, many of them have already secured to your ticket for the big day–far more than the half of the coveted tickets are now sold.

For everyone else, it means less than four weeks before the show event: biting, as long as there are still cards! See and, fans have the opportunity to purchase admission tickets at the price of 25.-euro (plus Presale fee). Where by Concorde home entertainment on the occasion of the DVD / Blu-ray disc releases of “New moon the twilight saga twilight saga:” organized event are lots of top-class live acts and specials around the fascinating “Twilight”-Kosmos on the program. The Berlin Band Jennifer Rostock, which could contribute to a bonus track and met the huge fan community of the “Twilight” saga in the heart, as the only German band on the soundtrack of “New moon the twilight saga twilight saga:” will also rock the stage like the London Band Livingston, who will give a sample of their acclaimed debut album “Sign Language” the Norwegian Band Audrey with haunting rock songs Horne, to delight with melodic, rocking sound and the Finnish newcomer of Indica. Last but not least supply the four guys I can fly with their music between the American emo-rock and melancholic, German texts the perfect sound to the “Twilight”-saga. Exclusively for all visitors of the event disc twilight saga new moon: the twilight saga is also the way to the coveted DVD / Blu-ray”five days before the official launch in hands to keep. Links: newmoonderfilm twilightfanevent

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