Brazilian Cities
July 11th, 2021 by thesuper

However the globalized world despises that analysis, and they have other methods for your understanding: everything is unavoidable, in the capitalist rationality! The landscape is another aspect of considerable weight to the geographic analysis, because it is through it that we visualize structures us fencing, in one haul of vista, to a brief look. Least advised, less attentive and less despreparadas people end up that do not perceive imposed alterations in half that surround them. Evaluations of humane conditions of these landscapes, in large urban cities, eventually deteriorate, because large migratory flows in the field for big cities, thus joins the thousands and thousands of people, all scattered in the jungle of stone tend to see its labour-intensive content, its work force becoming more abaratada and less valued by the enormous and consequent human reserve to work. The urban space with more and more verticalizadas cities, according to the more modern abstracts in monographs and tcc in geography. Totally lost reflection space and dynamic variables that revolve around itself. The cities is the only place where who knows nothing can survive and so the significance of the human essence, completely loses its power, getting used to that space and at the same time deepening inabalables stereotypes. Capitalist interests are constant disorders, articulated and handled-you’re so exchanging values, the ethics that just, by that are interchanged forms intuitive, unconscious, for his own beneficiamento.

It is a game of interest. The large shopping centres Centrens and major supermarkets are classic examples, companies that have a huge capital of a structure of equal proportion, are huge places containing one transit human intense, one it comes and goes, people the day everything, in truth, a kind of concentration logistics, logistics pool, located on a particular physical space that has with slogan recreation and ride, but in the background, consumption is great gear of that system, they are multinational companies that unscrupulous way Sallet their concurrent (mostly Brazilian companies) that are forced to close their doors under the unfair international competition, I tend the achievements collected in our territory (Brazilian) being sent to the outside, and the most aggravating is the consent of the Government for a national development. Another aspect also seen in urban space: is the movement of neighborhood / downtown, generating cities bedrooms in a pendular transitional system, originating a contradictory landscape: the Megalopoles in a sense,. In the other the Micros-Espacios (people living in Favelas, Pontes, viaducts, Casebres) that is conflita, there exists a high concentration of population quota in small region in m. All these observations are of great value, because we can thus have a historical comparison of the earlier, of the now and tomorrow.

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