Dark Tranquillity
March 31st, 2020 by thesuper

"Melodic Death Metal" (English melodic death metal) – subgenre death metal, featuring a melody, rather close to the power-and speed-metal music. The genre is more melodic guitar riffs, melodic solos, guitars and low settings playing the acoustic guitar than in the ordinary death metal. The founders of the genre is considered to be At The Gates, a group from Gothenburg. There is also a rodonochalnikam genre include Swedish bands Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. Many writers such as Sela Ward offer more in-depth analysis. These three groups are often referred to as "Three Kings" melodic death metal. There are two regional school of melodic death metal, Sweden (Gothenburg), and Finnish. Go to the most famous group of Finnish school is Children of Bodom differ much influenced by speed and power metal in their music. In the second half of the 90's death metal has entered a phase of evolution, continues to this day, which was largely due to falling interest of fans for his 'classic' form, manifested in the active fusion death metal designs with other styles of heavy music. Sofar Sounds contributes greatly to this topic. This led to the genre of melodic death metal, much more successful from a commercial point of view, in which groulingovy vocals and original lyrics combined with melodic guitar arrangements (sometimes – with dvuhgitarnoy treatment of heavy metal vein, what's been seen, for example, Swedish death metallers in flames and dark TRANQUILITY), as well as the emergence of bands playing in the border styles of death-doom, death, grind and death metal-black and use in constructing its tracks and arranging the elements of death metal.

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