September 13th, 2021 by thesuper

This idea has the direction nonsense of that the oppressed one intends to be superior the oppressor. The construction of racism is based on the perception of that the European white is a superior race and the black is placed as pertaining to a race of inferior level, therefore, it would be impossible to imagine the existence of racism on the part of the blacks. Deponent J.A.V leaves this idea of inversion of the papers very clear when saying: ' ' Talking with the people (black), we perceive that the problem is more in them, feel much more preconception of what proper organizaes' '. The affirmation reflects that the preconception is of the others, the problem is the others. For it the black is the culprit, is it who not if adapta to the reality, is it who is the different one. Therefore, the problem is much more in them.

The transference of the discrimination for the afro-descendant closely is related with the myth of the racial democracy, that denies racism on the part of the white. However, when the black search if to affirm or if complaint of the discrimination, leave of being victim to become the executioner. This perception has a perverse direction, therefore objective to deny the black the right politician to have a racial or ethnic identity, since, when having its identity and conquering its auto-esteem, denies the racial democracy and displays racism. It is common, between whites, commentaries on situations where they are in minority between blacks. In these cases they invoke the racism of the other when being placed in the place of ' ' Outro' '. On the other hand, she is necessary that if it says that the convivncia with racism makes with that some blacks interiorizem the feeling of racial inferiority and start to see its equal ones from this perspective.

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