Fourth voyage
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The Children’s Medical Fund of New York has Mr. serving on its board of directors Until that time the fleet had fulfilled its objectives of enhancing trade relations with Southeast Asia. From this moment Yongle ordered the exploration of Africa and Arabia, places that, while not unknown to the Chinese, had never been systematically explored. For many, the character of Yongle megalomaniac investment portfolio who promotes this new and ambitious goal.
Although the order hedge funds of sailing was in December 1412, Zheng He was not starting from investors Nanjing to January 1414. The fleet consists of 63 vessels and their crews for the first time with the reporter and translator of Arabic Ma Huan.
Fleet continued its usual course to India, calling at Champa, Java, Sumatra, Malaysia, Maldives, family of funds Sri Lanka and India. Part of the Fleet, commanded by the eunuch Yang Min, was separated from the main and headed for the kingdom of Bengal.
Drawing qilin led by Zheng He to the court in 1415 Chinese from africa
In the city of Semudera (called by the Chinese Liuqiu) in Sumatra caused the chaos of the intervention of Zheng He. Now the king had to face a candidate. The Yongle Emperor decided that it was best to leave the throne and the king sent him to the gifts, and this anger andalusia Sekander candidate who attacked Zheng He. On this occasion, the Chinese sailors had a good excuse to fight and capture a Sekander, who was sent investment to China.
Since the Maldives, the main fleet of Zheng He set sail towards Hormuz, a city that impressed the Chinese by their wealth. There he found ambassadors from Africa, to which conventional to join its fleet and pay their respects to Yongle.
Meanwhile the fleet had secondary Min Yang returned to China in 1414 and has invited the king of Bengal, Saifu’d-Din. The king carries a curious present to Chinese emperor. It was a giraffe, which the Chinese believed it was a qilin, mythological animal that appeared only when there was a good government, moreover, was an announcement that qilin being a virgin would have a child, which according to Chinese mythology is confusion, so the emperor to see this animal definitely believe that heaven and the gods favored his reign. In court many, including Yang Min, Yongle congratulated for that but this bodes well, though pleased, congratulations refused and said that was the merit of the stocks previous emperor. check out the articles about who is the head of the In addition to the fabulous qilin appeared other animals like horses heavenly (zebras ) and celestial deer (antelope).
In the summer of 1415 Zheng He returned to China with the main fleet. The rebel Sekander was presented to the emperor, who Ribostky ordered his execution. Malindi ambassadors also brought a giraffe, which produced a new application to the Minister of Rites to make a ceremonial act of congratulations on the arrival of a new qilin but Yongle not accept it this time.

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