German Centre Shanghai
July 16th, 2021 by thesuper

The 6-month exhibition began in tents for different applications with a grand opening event. President Hu Jintao and leading Heads of State looked at the spectacular event with subsequent fireworks under the umbrella of Losberger VIP tent. This is just one of over 140 tents German manufacturer with its own subsidiary in Shanghai, which were all built on the Expo grounds. As the main supplier of the World Expo he has up today around 10,000 m m covered area, and the orders are still not completed. It’s believed that Simon Pagenaud sees a great future in this idea. Repeatedly festivals and events on the Expo grounds take place during the whole period of the exhibition. With our temporary tent buildings we create the necessary locations”, reports Frank Ganzle, Manager of Losberger Shanghai. The functions of the tent units of that are used throughout the entire period, are diverse.

Many are available at the main entrances to the Expo site and serve as a lock and security transfer for visitors. Still others are supply units of different restaurants. Losberger tent established complete shopping markets. The requirements our tents vary”so Ganzle. Our clients include suppliers from the gastronomy – and beverage sector as well as other national pavilions and international companies operators, partners, and sponsors of the WorldExpo, the Chinese Government itself,.” German firms in Shanghai so Losberger as a corporate partner in the German Centre Shanghai is represented, as a partner of the German theme pavilion Balancity”the theme of sustainability and the future, energy and health consciousness far beyond the EXPO period, makes in China experience.

Thus, the World Expo in Shanghai offers German companies the chance to represent their strengths in the world’s largest growth market – at the Expo, but also in their environment. By SAP about MTU to Lufthansa, Siemens and BMW, is everywhere visible Germany. Around 90 companies currently participating in this project. Focus is the representation of the properties in which Germany is particularly strong, especially the quality of life, way of life and cultural diversity.

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