How To Read The Bible
April 28th, 2010 by thesuper

“Have you not read … Have not you read … And if you knew what it means.” – Matthew 12: 3-7 The scribes and Pharisees were great readers of the Law They studied the sacred books continually, scrutinizing every word and every letter. Took notes of very little importance, although some notes were very curious as what the verse placed exactly in the middle of the Old Testament verse which was placed in the middle half, and how many times a word appeared and even how many times a letter appeared, and the font size, and its unique position. We have inherited a wealth of wonderful observations about simple words of Holy Scripture. The same thing could have done with any other book, and the information would have been as important as the facts they have collected very laboriously in relation to the letter of the Old Testament. However, they were brave readers of the LawThey began a discussion with the Savior on a matter concerning this Act, as she was known as the palm of your hand and were prepared for use as a bird of prey used its claws to rip and tear. The disciples of our Lord had pulled some ears of wheat, and had rubbed his hands. According to the interpretation of the Pharisees, rub an ear of corn is a kind of threshing, threshing is forbidden as on the Sabbath, is therefore forbidden to rub an ear of corn or two when you are hungry in the morning Sabbath. That was his argument, and with him and with his own version of the Law of the Sabbath, they came to see the Savior. El Salvador generally carried the war to the enemy camp, and did the same on this occasion. He met them at their own game, saying: “Have you not read ” A sharp question to the scribes and Pharisees, though seemingly innocent.The question was reasonable and appropriate that very well could do, but think that the was raising them. “Have you not read ” “Read!” could have responded, “We have read that book many times. Whenever we are reading. No passage escapes our critical eye.” However, our Lord again ask the question a second time: “Have you not read ” as if after all she had not been read, although they were the greatest readers of the Law, in his time. He hints that they have not read at all, and then he gives incidentally the reason why they had asked if they had read.He says: “If you knew what it means,” it was like saying “you have not read, because they have not understood.” His eyes have seen the words, and have received letters, and have identified the position of each verse and each word, and wise have said things about each of the books and yet you are not even readers of the sacred volume, They have not acquired the true art of reading. You do not understand, and therefore you do not really read. You simply turn the pages of the Word and the contemplation. Have not read because they do not understand. I. That is the theme of this sermon, or at least their first point. FOR A TRUE READING OF SCRIPTURE, WE UNDERSTAND. I do not need to start these comments saying that we read the Scriptures. You know how necessary it is that feeds us with the truth of Holy Scripture.Do I need to ask if they read the Bible I fear that this is an era in which we read magazines, newspapers, but no one reads the Bible should be read. Ed Young At the time of the Puritans, men had a short supply of other literature, but they found a complete library in that one book, the Bible. And how to read the Bible! How little of Scripture in sermons is modern compared to the sermons of those masters of theology, the Puritans! Almost every phrase that they say appears to shed light from different angles on the text of Scripture.

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