Ideal Body Weight – Is There Really
April 7th, 2010 by thesuper

To calculate the so-called ideal weight, there are various formulas, but you can only give an approximate indication, since it comes after recent findings on the distribution of fat. In “normal weight” people of the fat content is about 15 percent of the body. The remainder consists of water (approximately 60%), protein (about 18%) and minerals, which account for at least another 7% of our weight. In obesity, however, unfortunately, only the fat and all the other “elements” remain the same. Reason: the excess energy is exclusively stored in fat depots result: weight gain. Especially in old age a few fat reserves are certainly desirable. The crucial question is: When the weight of a “risk factor” and how and when to step on the brake weight is Often known is still a simple weight formula, the so-called Broca Index: ideal body weight = body height in cm minus 100 The Broca index was more accurate, however, by the “Body Mass Index” (=Body mass index, BMI for short) replaced. As a normal weight are, therefore, individuals whose BMI does not exceed the age of 30 years, the value of 25. Example: a 1.80 m tall person should, therefore, up to 81 kg. The “age appropriate” BMI thresholds for obesity are therefore defined as follows: up to 30 years BMI 25 to 40 years BMI 26 to 50 years, BMI 27 to 60 years, BMI 29 BMI 28 over 70 years now but there is criticism of the Body Mass index, according to the BMI indicator, especially for older people too fast a dangerous obesity. Background of this criticism is that the tables for calculating the BMI originally come from life insurance, the mortality of their customers would be calculated as accurately as possible. To obtain more realistic values, it is suggested, for example, from the third decade of life to settle the boundary of excess weight is no longer defined as a BMI of 25. The recommendation is therefore now on to consider the BMI values only as a rough benchmark to. They do not weigh inSecurity, if your BMI falls slightly below the current value for your age. However, they did not immediately fall into a panic when the value is exceeded by a few tenths. More on this topic and for losing weight, see:

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