Ildone Poetry
December 5th, 2021 by thesuper

Although the poetical one of Ildone to give sufficiently emphasis to the form and to a choice to vocabular sufficiently refined, it also cannot be defined as modern of the third generation, therefore, correlating with saying of above-mentioned Coutinho (concerning the last resqucios of the modernismo to appear approximately up to 1956,), it possesss marcantes traces of the poetry contemporary, in accordance with what Francisco defends Pablo Mendes (2001), as we will see to follow. The agreement of Pablo Mendes (2001) concerning the poetry contemporary, who incases itself in the poetry of Jose Ildone, is of that all poet is a man of its time, portraying, therefore, in its poetry, not only the reality in which is immersed, as well as, its internal drama, spiritual. Educate yourself with thoughts from Related Group. For in such a way, the poet uses of a language and a form (structure) poetical adjusted to the substance of its poetry; this is the basic question so that a poet if it does not submit to the convencionalismo, establishing its choices as principles and laws, a time that must it only be faithful to the poetical substance with which it works, having ' ' as its only principle the untiring search of the adequate form to the substance of its poesia' ' (MENDES, 2001:195). Thus being? having in mind that the poetry contemporary characterizes for the search of the poet for a poetical balance and consolidation by means of the use of all the existing resources already, is they of Classic, Romantic origin, Parnasiana, Simbolista or Moderna? , exactly that, pparently, the poems of Jose Ildone can demonstrate a return to the past, more specifically to the parnasianas poetical choices, in accordance with what claims Mendes, are clearly that, in the reality, the fact of Ildone to have opted in writing in the way as wrote, using the resources widely of that the Parnasianismo was served, in nothing excludes the veracity of if affirming that its production is contemporary, a time that is exactly this that characterizes this poetry: this mixture, mixture between the resources presented and excessively used in the past with those most current ones, reaching, thus, the poetical fullness.

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