Inter Environment
September 7th, 2021 by thesuper

With regard to the environment, it implies in a continuous process of analysis, taking of decision, organization, control of the activities of development, as well as evaluation of the results to improve the formularization of politics and its implementation for the future. It searchs the participation joint of local authorities, private sectors and the community; It incorporates the ambient variant in the expansion and improvement of the quality of life of the population; It acts as it has supported to the processes of decision of the development; It constitutes the landmark to co-ordinate ambient activities between sectors, places and agents. The main objective of a management process is to deal with integral way the hdricos systems or basins being searched to use to advantage them, to protect them and to recoup them in order to satisfy the increasing demands of population assuring its use for the future generations. The models of management of the hdricos resources if constitute in forms of administration of the water giving an institucional landmark to the handling of the environment. It appeared, in 1988 with the V Inter-American Week of the Water, the Committees of the Basins Sinos and Gravata, tributaries of the Guaba in the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul, that if constitute in pioneering initiatives of having appeared of the proper community of the hidrogrficas basins, with the support of the government of the State. Although in its origin these committees to have appeared only with advisory attributions, to the great became them mobilization productive, and, later, they had been incorporated the system of management of those States. The Expogua was created as an interactive sample and destined space to show to the great public the different uses of the water in an environment that provides ambient education, entertainment and leisure.

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