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January 5th, 2020 by thesuper

On September 15, 2010, the first joint hit show, the music box with the Working Group for the promotion of German-language music is recorded in Bremerhaven. “The music awards TV special and others live with: Sandy Rose, with their title Schenk me a little paradise” Music Award “The StimmSCHATZ” convinced the jury of the “Alps Grand Prix 2010″ (category schlager”) as well as in the song contest and managed in the final. In addition to TV and radio, you can see the artist also live in Germany, France, the Switzerland and in Austria. TV – and radio broadcasting has experience also Heike Valentin, the presenter and singer from Berlin. With your current title “Defenceless thief” it made you also in the finale of Music Award “The StimmSCHATZ” 2010. Apart from Schlager, you can experience the power woman as a country singer. Twinrose have sung on many radio and television appearances in the hearts of their fans.

“A dream came true” managed the duo in the finale of “The StimmSCHATZ” with her competition title. Twinrose fill with emotional vocals the musical parameters and set to contemporary stage presence. (A valuable related resource: george karfukel). Singer of Mike Montes, co-founder of the Association, as well as juror of the music prize, presented including his current hit “Yes my Baby”. Then Mike for the German pop Schlager award, the Schlager Sapphire 2010 is nominated. The “Clubhouse” fan club magazine issue: August-September 2010, his song with the touch has rated three “very good”.

But also Melanie May will accompany musically the Schlager broadcast in addition to the moderation. Surprise guests, which also provide good entertainment with their music provide tension for the audience and the television viewers. A difficult task awaits this afternoon Melanie May and Mike Montes, both will announce the winner of the first music award “The StimmSCHATZ”. In the final ten participants are: DJ Werner, Heidi Loren, Heike Valentin, Hubert Schurian, Marie Vell, MOSAIQUE, Rene Moren, Sandy Rose, tommy m and Twinrose who contest the competition. A twelve-Member, renowned and famous celebrities Jury as including the singer, producer, actor and author Frank Schobel, which Berger, singer and TV favorite Bata Illic, and also singer and entertainer Spitzbua Markus had finalists in various criteria to evaluate the function, such as singer and presenter Cindy Outstanding artistic quality of the competition title, musical arrangement (rhythm, phrasing, expression), musical creativity and originality, Dikition and voice quality. The AFdM (Association for the promotion of German-language music) again warmly thanked all jurors for the time it takes both work to assess the artist of the music award. On September 24 from 19:00 until 21:00 will be the first TV broadcasting and can then be received in the North German television. In the television programme of radio Weser.TV run also multiple repetitions to the broadcast. Via Internet Livestream of radio Weser.TV can receive the broadcast in addition, free of charge and all over the world.

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