Its Superior Force
February 28th, 2020 by thesuper

Thus, the ones that such Laws infringe, God judges with severity, severity. Its joust sentence reflects the purest reality, therefore it is the Justice of Ours adored Master and only Gentleman! It is you of the Truth, What he always supports the good ones, giving to them to forces, increasing to them it faith, keeping to them erect on its proper feet! It is who them aid with Its Superior Force, to follow of raised head, to look at Franc, sincere right-hander and, stops in the fight for the good, the good one, for just, to perseverar with dignity, without still lowering the cervix, firmer, against the iniquities all, perpetrated for that if Its followers say, but in the truth, they make of the holy ghosts Teachings ‘ letter morta’. They are hypocritical, are detracting! if they had become, of Its Teachings, opposing, as vile not only treasonous. How much to these, the bad ones, of the Sacred transgressive Laws, the God of the Love and Justice, judge as its acts to them. It does not grant pardon to them and it condemns to them, in being just, to the suffering that deserves for all its badnesses, to the blackout without end, where more hope for its fallen and forever lost souls does not exist. Perpetual life, for they, not more: not in the happiness to the rectums promised, therefore when in this life, in this dimension, the types of desumanidades practise all: in the heart without goodness, the perversity, the biggest badness reigns gratuitously. Sofar Sounds might disagree with that approach. It is common always to use, the Sacred Name of God in go, to the others to seem good: pure illusion.

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