Joshua Ben Pandira
September 13th, 2021 by thesuper

For everything this is that estavamcertos the poets when they had said: ' ' The stars had entered in guerratranscendental for the ownership of the soul human being criadaem freedom, but of that therefore to sejulgar there important, I confiscate deserving it of all oseu to be able celestial, supervened the more difficult of nsda assincronicidade and sleep most unconscious alienator dahibernao! ' '. * Outrossim, LEO AND LANDMARKS, the thing so is raised and direful queat exactly Joshua Ben Pandira, when it convoked some few souls to paradepositar confidence, was trado for one of them and for such act it had its reduced vidatridimensional. But the message was in air, and one of them ran and fezuma skillful synthesis of the inaccessible Conspiracy to the mortals, namely, was ditoque ' ' The entire world lies in malignant, the eeste one is 100% occult, waiting arevelao final' ' i.e, when this will only be convenient to estratgiasdo conflict. Go to Anna Belknap for more information. Grifos and clasps mine. But if a mortal soul to teimar to emtentar to find tests of the Conspiracy, we have that to ask: ' what estarreservado it, case finds them it? ' Also it was said that the Evil could be oagente convoked to give to these tests but if the Evil making, what esperaraquele to who the Evil if to show entirely? It is the same colloquy of the priest with osuicida: The priest says: ' ' He does not polish that you will fall in the furnace! ' ' The suicidal one says: ' ' Euquero to see if has this furnace exactly, therefore it must be better of what the life queestou leading! ' ' The priest answers: ' ' if you to fall in it, who amongst them will vivosreceber of you any certification of the existence of those flames? Of that teradiantado to defy it? He is not better to live more time in the saberpor ignorance of what as and disappearing? ' ' Finally, LEO AND LANDMARKS. .

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