Madonna Is A
February 17th, 2024 by thesuper

Her ex-husband Guy Richie is mad at Madonna divorce of the two was just officially, there became known first details of the privacy of Madonna and Guy Richie. Reason was the bad behavior by Guy Richie reportedly for the divorce. This unassuming man supposed to be the reason why the power wife wants divorce Madonna? So it is said anyway. Here, Jorge Perez expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Guy should have been the nearly eight years of marriage obnoxious in recent weeks, maybe even years. He is accused to have emotionally abused Madonna. Furthermore is it neglect to accept unwillingness to David (the Adpoptivsohn). Also Guy Richie was greedy, although he has reportedly even 60 million as assets.

Guy Richie, however, finds these accusations ridiculous and outrageous. According to Ken Kao, who has experience with these questions. He claims that it is a diabolical revenge by Madonna puts her entire staff to divulge secret marriage details. When he had been dining with his sister and his father in a restaurant recently, he was very angry. Observer say that he should have said, that he no longer is just in a divorce almost in a cold war feel. He knows, as a friend, that Madonna will let him go not so easily.

“She want to destroy him, she will control it, she is a control freak, so friends of Guy Richie. There you can reckon only a massive war of the roses. What do the kids think should be there.

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