Mandy Gerlach
July 12th, 2021 by thesuper

The Earth looked very dark and damp. Even the weather seemed on the right track to be worse. The left, however, seemed just as friendly, warm and soft to continue. “I chose the left and said: I want the left”, and went on. So I continued curiously always and enjoyed this crazy feeling of weightless”, the Sun and lightness.

Suddenly I was standing in a dark forest, and I was back in the Nothing”. “Theresa asked me: do you see anything?” I had the feeling, not able to be, to answer back and think many minutes have given no answer to her. Instead I fell like in a vortex of air. “I turned upside down and saw only jumbled images, moving around me, then I heard a sudden loud bangs and said: I hear loud bangs, – Schusse-, I think.” There was however no matter. It went bad not really good, but also not. Just everything was incredibly indifferent to me. There was silence after the shooting again. And long time nothing happened.

Theresa asked several times if I am missing something. I wasn’t however able to answer back. After so probably a few minutes had passed, I was in a meadow, lush and green, without flowers it was autumn. I lay on her back with bent legs and my hands were boring in the warm juicy grass. I could smell the Earth and the grass and looked into the blue sky. “Theresa again asked: do you see anything?” I’m on a meadow in a Valley and see many hills around me. On the hills surrounding forests are.” “She asked: are you a man or a woman?” I stood up and looked down at me and couldn’t believe my eyes. What I saw there frightened me terribly. I was a man, very thin and long. And a horribly dirty wore dark pants and a jacket as dirty. My eyes slid over my hairy thin long fingers and I thought she was directly under my eyes to make sure I really see them. I had huge male hands, which were dark hairs on the back of the hand. Then I looked at my face with her hands and felt a full beard. I had black slightly longer hair and a full beard. I have received the evidence, and in this return more information much much about my life, back when Richard. I have written more in the book “The meadow to the afterlife”, available at: the unconscious of the people offers untapped knowledge! One A grandiose experience with a very positive impact on my life in General was to make repatriation.

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