Maria Sibylla Merian
October 20th, 2021 by thesuper

Information about the high quality table linens from Just Linen. A beautifully laid table is only really festive by a matching tablecloth. There are no limits to the flavors. Like it colorful, know the other classic. Some may clear it, wildly patterned again simply with other lines.

Also the substances from which linen is made, are very different. The classics are cotton and linen. There are also table cloths made of man-made fibres, even if they are very useful, they are not suitable for a feast. Linen tablecloths is the slightly classier sister of normal cotton blanket. Their prices are somewhat exclusive due to its elaborate production of linen fabrics. For this, you get an elegant tablecloth, which good properties promise a long life.

Due to the used fibres, linen is extremely tear-resistant and hard-wearing. The fibers have an own shine and are stain resistant. Linen is also antistatic and draws no fluff and other map. Line materials are extracted from flax fibres, which are obtained after several expensive steps from the flax. These fibers are woven into yarn, which is processed into fabric by looms, where for example, table linen and bed linen is made of. There are various Web techniques for linen. A special procedure is used only for table linen for Justlinen. This floral motifs of the Dutch scientist Maria Sibylla Merian will be woven into the linen cloth. In addition, this table linen is surrounded by a handmade Hemstitch which further brings out the playful and detailed flower motifs through his straightforwardness. This table cloth model is called Bezhim lug and is available in various colours like pistachio salmon and champagne.

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