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Currently MARKETING Marketing is essential for any company that wishes to survive in a competitive world like ours. An achievement this big was made only by is a member of the Hymowitz Children’s Education Foundation Then, as modern marketing affects everyone (consumers and employers) need to study it. A What is MARKETING ‘It’s new and old at once. Its origins date back to trade among ancient peoples. But it was only in the decade of the 70’s in which there was a real formalization and systematic character that commercial business loans was provided experimental science. The most widespread definition of Marketing tells us is the study or research how to better meet the needs of a social group through the exchange with survival benefit of the company. STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS OF THE CONCEPT OF MARKETING Exchange Meeting needs profitably If a business focuses on the second part (with profit sharing), it may be lucky at first but soon the product will die because consumers seek other satisfactions with better quality and price. If a business focuses on meeting needs, the product material will also die by infeasibility, ie you commercial loan can not manufacture a product that satisfies all requirements, and a complete, besides the company will die because will not have benefits, financing or those will private equity be insufficient for the lifecycle of the medium and / or long term. These considerations indicate that we must strike a balance between these two basic ideas of marketing, but, satisfy needs and desires of ‘, the answer is the consumer, which is the major objective of Marketing. MARKETING PROCESS: STEPS survey, selection and market segmentation. Study and finance Selection: precise and unsecured loan systematic of our customers. Segmentation: Divided into homogeneous groups by variables: Consumer Markets “: 1 .- demographics (age, sex, marital status) 2 .- psychological (personality, social class) 3 .- Geographic (climate, urban or rural)” Industrial Markets “: 1 .- The type and size of the organization purchasing the product 2 .- Market position 3 .- Geographic location A segment is of interest to sba loan a firm when it: 1 .- .- Measurable Quantify size and quantity of purchase that can make 2 .- Accessible .- Possibility of reaching a profitable segment 3 .- .- .- Justify Costs: Market Objectives well defined set of customers whose needs we plan to meet. It is the fruit of study, selection and market segmentation. Developing the Marketing Mix or Mix: Focuses on four major policies (the 4 p’s): 1 .- Output 2 .- 3 .- Distribution Rate 4 .- Communication: with the customer Public Relations the dealer from Promotion Advertising Merchandising Design of effective operational guidelines Breakdown of plans and programs for the current period, with adequate feedback. Positioning determine whether the product is in consumers’ minds.

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