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Monuments and tourist attractions Roseau is the main tourist center of the country. The city has beaches of black volcanic sand as one of its greatest tourist attractions. The most representative religious buildings are the temple of the Anglican church of St. George’s. Roseau Catholic Cathedral, built on a hill with volcanic stone headquarters of the diocese. The construction of the cathedral, Romanesque-Gothic style, was begun about 1800 and was completed in 1916. The cathedral was built on a 1730 chapel built by the French priest Guillaume Martel. The temple was originally named Notre-Dame du Bon Port of Roseau mouillage (Our Lady of Good Roseau Port of Anchorage), but after the British conquest the name was changed. Panorama of Roseau from boat Cruise.As for green areas or gardens include the Botanical Gardens and the gardens of State House, Roseau being an exceptional case in this regard, it is not unusual for this size of green spaces in downtown areas as in the other capitals of the Caribbean . The Fort Young Hotel: Another of the most important buildings, not only but throughout Roseau, Dominica is the Fort Young Hotel. This is a hotel which for cultural activities located in what was a French fort in 1720. The fort was taken by the British in 1761 and served to protect the pier. It takes its name in honor of Sir William Young, governor of Dominica from 1770 to 1773. The Old Market Square and the New Markey: In the city there are many shops, but the most important points of sale are the Old Market Square, located where was located the old slave market, and the New Market, where on Saturday morning you can buy Dominica fruits and vegetables in the area, and where Friday is the fish market. On the outskirts of the city hot springs are located.Another attraction is the tourist snorkeling on the beach at Champagne Beach, where there is water bubbling from the seabed. To 8.9 km northwest of the city, the Roseau River Valley, in the village of Trafalgar, is the site of the falls known as Trafalgar Falls. This is the largest natural attraction of the island. It has two waterfalls, most of it about 38 feet high, and second, about 23 meters. Another natural attraction, the Titou Gorge, including in the Roseau Valley is located about 9 miles northeast of Roseau, in Laudat. This is a natural pool at the base of a waterfall and covered by vegetation. Another waterfall, the Emerald pool, is situated about 13 kilometers northeast of Roseau. This is a cascade of 12 meters and a natural swimming pool with easy access. Many tourists come to Roseau in search of a good place to fish or contemplate where sperm whales.

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