October 19th, 2021 by thesuper

What if the sun, air and water are not best friends Summer, holidays, hot sun, warm sea and cool breeze – it's so tempting. Fortunately, this dream of a discharge is easily achievable. And so we lay on the white sand, blue waves licking our heels, and golden rays gently stroking the skin. And we are good. But ask to have the skin – and it something good? Brackish water – again. Then once in the sand – or two. And then there is the most desirable sun – three. What is her day-to-day, two weeks, and even a month in a row, move it? And then we'll come back to Moscow and happily climbed into the shower in chlorinated waters.

I think you already understand what I mean. No skin, and hair, such abuse does not go unpunished leave. That's why, coming back from vacation, we discover that our skin is dry and obvetrilas, hair lost its shine and flexibility. And even the most beautiful tan on the background of all this no longer looks so dazzling. In general, the sun, air and water – are already best friends, they thought before. Of course, to use during the holidays all sorts of preventive protective measures not only possible but necessary. But this is still no substitute for a hike to the specialists at the end leave. Because, no matter how hard you try, and only professionals are capable of in a short time to revive the skin and hair.

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