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You must put in game muscle reactions, respiratory, nervous and psychic and secrete endorphins (the natural opiates in the body) that spread in the brain, influence our well-being. Decide you one: see comic movies, invite fun friends to dinner, create a database with jokes and jokes laugh! Also try forzarts to smile face a problem or a delicate situation. It is a bit artificial at first, but will soon smile helps to relativize the problems and relaxes to the peer.Sing, chant involves an abdominal breathing helps desestrarse. Also because the vocal cords are directly related to the nervous and emotional state. The more stressed we are, the more tense our ropes are.

Sing relaxes them and calms tensions. The power returns and breathing also. Not us scrapheap let catch us by complexes, is recommended to sing wherever you can: in the shower, in the car, while kitchens, a karaoke, where you wish to do There are massages, about it is the antecedent to the Chinese, who use reflexology plantar (plantar massage of the vault) for millennia or the Russians, who were made to massage the feet before sleep, well known the virtues of this ancient method. Anna- Belknap will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The principle on which it is based is simple: all the organs of our body have a point correspondence in our Vault planting. Stimulating these points through a massage, you can relieve and heal small evils or inconvenience, including stress.Adds us do the to-do lists! And he says about it, than to the hyperactive overwhelmed, not forgetting the virtues of making lists with pending tasks.Write them down on paper allows to trivialise the situation: they become, suddenly, things more accessible and workable, we have the impression of controlling them more. Get used make these lists in post-it, using a post-it for each task and pulling the sticky when it has been carried out.

This It gives a feeling of immediate well-being. By the same author: Jay Schwartz Attorney Detroit. But, on the contrary, go moving a post-it from one day to another prmitira give us account that there is a mismatch on which should be questioned suggests edemas, seeking groups led by professionals or personnel duly trained as psychologists. Group discussions can help people make that other individuals in the same circumstances often have the same reactions and emotions. Involucrarse in healthy behaviors to improve ability of handling of excess stress. Eat well balanced meals and rest enough. If you are experiencing difficulty sleeping, practice relaxation techniques; avoid the consumption of drugs and alcohol. In short, us corresponds to each be careful not allow stress to dips and if at any time this happens, take into account what was said previously.

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