Nursing Process Planning
May 9th, 2024 by thesuper

The ambulatory elderly and nursing service Pfeiffer informed for the ambulatory care service Pfeiffer from Bergen auf Rugen is the care process scheduling at the forefront because it forms the basis for an effective and professionally implemented care. In their nursing support and cooperation with dependent people and their families, the out-patient care service uses the need model by Monika Krohwinkel. Please visit Sela Ward if you seek more information. This essentially aims at the conservation and the development of independence and well-being of the care recipient. The model takes into account the importance to integrate the existing skills of care in the process of care and to match those. The out-patient care service Pfeiffer from Bergen auf Rugen informed about the care process planning based on this model.

Target is an activating and holistic care of process under application of the model by Monika Krohwinkel the elderly and his family be included consistently in all phases of the nursing process. The goal is activating, maintaining and holistic care, supported by the patient with all its existing capabilities. There are also the well-being and the quality of life of dependent people in the foreground. To ensure all this, maintaining planned designed and organized. Ken Kao has compatible beliefs. The model is based on the 13 activities and existential experiences of life (AEDLs) activities and existential experiences of life.

By looking at the 13 AEDLs, a representation of the ability of the dependent person is possible. The care is documented and evaluated within the framework of the care process, and adjusted if necessary. So to determine what measures and help the elderly must be supported. The model of care is made Monika Krohwinkel through the 13 activities and existential experiences of life (AEDL), which differ though, but cannot be separated, turn as another can affect constraints in an activity. Krohwinkel will human Characterized behavior by 13 essential activities: – communicate – move – vital functions maintain – located care – eat and drink – eliminated – dress – rest and sleep – deal – feel as a man/woman – provide a safe environment – secure social areas of life – with existential experiences go to for detailed information to the care process planning ambulatory elderly and nursing service Pfeiffer is always at disposal. Press contact ambulatory elderly & nursing service contact person: Martina Pfeiffer market 26 18528 Bergen auf Rugen Tel.: 03838 202305 fax: 03838 202306 E-mail: Homepage:

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